Essential protection of company know-how – LPKF encrypts email communication with antispameurope. LPKF LogoFor hi-tech companies, protecting company know-how is essential. However, doing this in the times of digital communication is another challenge organizations have to face. LPKF Laser & Electronics AG is world-leading with its facilities for micro-material processing. To protect emails, the company has previously used PGP encryption technology. However, LPKF was not satisfied with this solution since it was inconvenient and costly to use and maintain PGP. Many business partners were now also using S/MIME. That is why LPKF wanted to switch over to this encryption technology. This is where antispameurope came into play, as LPKF was already using the IT security company’s managed spam filter service and email archiving.   As well as TLS transport encryption, antispameurope also supports both PGP and S/MIME standards. Using separate policies, a company can determine which type of encryption should be used with which communications partner. Certificates are managed automatically, just as all outgoing emails are encrypted without further action,and incoming emails are decrypted. Using “Websafe”, antispameurope also gives the option of secured communication with recipients who do not have encryption technology.   Once LPKF had chosen antispameurope’s encryption service, activating the solution required little effort. LPKF just had to determine the encryption policies; antispameurope imported the required certificates. The actual activation of the encryption service with certificates only took two days. Since then, the service has been running smoothly. “By using the new encryption service, our administration costs for encryption have fallen to a minimum,” says Benjamin Busjahn, IT Systems & Service Manager at LPKF. “Our administrators can fully concentrate on day-to-day business and projects.” With Websafe, the company can now carry out email encryption for small clients and smaller business partners. Benjamin Busjahn also mentions another point in favour of email encryption: “The encryption mechanisms in email communication massively increase the level of trust in our business relationships.”