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In this podcast episode, Andy and Paul discuss the upcoming release of Windows Server 2025 and the myriad security enhancements it will bring. They delve into various topics such as improvements to Active Directory, delegated managed service accounts, Kerberos protocol enhancements, SMB enhancements, hot patching, REFS file system for confidential computing, and extended security updates.  

Key takeaways: 

  • Windows Server 2025 brings a host of security enhancements. 
  • The release date of Windows Server 2025 is speculated to be in September 2024, coinciding with the release of System Center 2025. 


(07:05) – Enhancements in Active Directory Security and Numa Support: A Deep Dive

(13:19) – Revolutionizing Service Accounts: Delegated Managed Service Accounts Explained 

(20:28) – Revamping Windows Server Security: Say Goodbye to NTLM and Hello to Kerberos 

(28:15) – Revolutionizing SMB with Quick Protocol and Hot Patching in Windows Server 2025 

(32:34) – Revolutionizing Patching with Hot Patching in Windows Server and Azure 

(36:02) – Revolutionizing Data Protection with Resilient File System and Confidential Computing 

(39:34) – Exploring Confidential Compute, Server Upgrades, and Extended Security Updates in Windows Server Environment 

(42:37) – Windows Server 2025 Release Date Speculations and Future Episode Teasers 

Episode Resources: 

What’s new in Windows Server 2025 from MS Learn