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In this episode of The Security Swarm Podcast, host Andy Syrewicze is joined by Matt Lee from Pax8 to discuss the risks associated with deploying always on remote access software on managed endpoints.  

The conversation spans various topics, including Matt Lee’s extensive background in the MSP space, where he shares insights gained from his experience with a mass ransomware event. Together, they explore the risks and implications of constant remote access, emphasizing the need for organizations to adopt a more proactive stance toward cybersecurity.  

Key takeaways: 

  • Embrace the journey of continuous improvement in cybersecurity practices, focusing on being reasonable and defensible rather than striving for perfection. 
  • Follow established cybersecurity controls and be willing to adapt and improve security measures over time. 
  • Consider the risks associated with constant remote access and prioritize security measures that reduce exposure to threats. 
  • Take small steps towards improving cybersecurity practices and be open to learning from past failures to enhance security protocols. 


(11:08) – Navigating Remote Access in Highly Regulated Managed Service Provider (MSP) Environments 

(14:02) – Maximizing Security with Just in Time, Just Enough Access 

(17:41) – The ConnectWise ScreenConnect Vulnerability and the Importance of Communication 

(26:32) – The Need for Maturity in the Cybersecurity Space 

(31:10) – Don’t Let Perfect be the Enemy of Good 

Episode Resources: 

Matt Lee