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In today’s digital landscape, ransomware threats have become an increasingly significant concern for organizations of all sizes. Cybercriminals are continuously devising new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, and the repercussions can be devastating. Its ever-evolving nature makes it a top threat. To uncover the full extent of its threat, Hornetsecurity recently conducted a survey to gauge the awareness and preparedness of businesses in the face of ransomware attacks. 

In today’s episode, Andy and Matt Frye, Head of Presales and Education at Hornetsecurity, will recap the key findings and insights from the ransomware survey as well as offer effective tools and protocols to protect your business.   


(3:20) – How important is ransomware protection in terms of IT priorities?

(4:41) – How many organizations do NOT have a DR plan in place? 

(9:28) – How many organizations protect their backups from ransomware? 

(12:10) – What types of tools are organizations using to combat ransomware? 

(15:45) – How many organizations have been victims of ransomware? 

(18:12) – How many ransomware victims managed to recovery from backup? 

(20:50) – What are the most common vectors of attack for ransomware? 

(24:00) – How many people see real value from security awareness training? 

(27:37) – How many organizations using M365 have a DR plan in place for ransomware? 

Episode Resources:

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