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Join us for an insightful discussion on the topic of licensing Microsoft 365 security features. Microsoft Certified Trainer, Paul Schnackenburg, joins us once again to share his valuable insights on how M365 licensing practices have evolved and why they’ve become so complex. 

In this episode Andy and Paul look at all the different ways native security features in M365 are licensed, what challenges come along with that process, how the process is confusing and more! This includes some discussion around how M365 licensing in general is flawed as well as how third-party software vendors help plug-in and do what they can to simplify this mess. 


2:22 – O365 licensing vs M365 licensing 

5:06 – Is the complexity in M365 licensing deliberate? 

7:09 – Licensing and security with M365 business 

13:30 – Licensing and security in the M365 Enterprise SKUs 

19:30 – What about the EMS Suite? 

21:42 – What are E5 Compliance and E5 Security? 

28:05 – How can a 3rd party vendor help make licensing security features easier? 

Episode Resources:

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