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As cybersecurity professionals, MSSPs, and security vendors, we often get mired down in the weeds of the “tech” involved in the job and frequently struggle to convey the value of said technology to the C-Suite. With that said, we’re deviating from our regularly scheduled programming this week to bring you something of a “soft-skills” episode to address this key point.  

This week we’re excited to bring you the business and C-Suite knowledge of our very own Hornetsecurity Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Blank for a discussion on how you can get your leadership team to see value in technology, put priority on security, and ultimately sell cybersecurity to the C-Suite. Hope you enjoy! 


2:23 – Conveying the Value of Cybersecurity to Leadership without Using the Fear Angle 

15:50 – Compliance and Similar Issues Often Drives C-Suite Attention 

26:05 – An Example – What Would Daniel Look for When Having to Make a C-Suite Decision? 

Episode Resources:

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