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In today’s episode, Andy and Umut are unravelling the transformative impact of AI in cybersecurity defense. Discover how AI empowers defenders with enhanced knowledge of setting up robust defense mechanisms, from firewalls to anomaly detection systems. Amidst the prevailing focus on AI’s darker aspects, this episode illuminates its positive role in the security space, equipping blue teams to match wits with increasingly intelligent adversaries. Our hosts, Andy and Umut, both distinguished members of the Security Lab at Hornetsecurity, will provide expert insights into how Hornetsecurity’s suite of products leverages AI to display a concrete example in the industry. 

Join us as we shift the narrative from AI’s potential for malicious use to how defensive toolsets and security experts are harnessing its power.  


3:12 – How has AI changed the threat landscape? 

6:10 – How can AI help blue teams? 

16:08 – An example of AI used defensively in a software stack 

26:24 – What advancements in AI in the security space are we likely to see in the future? 

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