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Security Awareness Training - Your 45 Minute Guide to Strengthening the Human Firewall

26/1/20233:00pm GMT1 hour
What's the weakest link in any organisations' defence? Weak IT security, vulnerable, creaking IT or firewalls that are lacking? The answer is closer to home for us all. Phishing - and other security threats via communications channels - are a rapidly worsening problem for businesses across the world. Hornetsecurity just analysed 25 billion (yes, we did say billion) emails, identifying an annual net increase in global phishing attempts of 15%. Phishing is now an established practice that attempts to trick end-user employees into divulging sensitive information such as usernames and passwords in an attempt to gain further access inside the organisation. Targeted phishing threats are particularly adept at evading security software, so strengthening the “human firewall” for employees has become more important, and more personal, than ever.

In this meeting, suitable for anyone interested in Cyber Security or provision of cyber defences, Hornetsecurity takes you through the essential practices that should be included in any End User Security Awareness policy. Including: -
1. Real life examples of reducing the risk of a successful breach when you empower employees with a sustainable cyber culture.
2. How human factors must also be included in cyber defence, considering appropriate responses; optimal training windows and creating a cyber culture delivered in an informal way so that end-users equally invest in the process.
3. How a forceful cyber security cadence will not meet your ongoing cultural goals
4. How AI-powered e-training can heighten awareness of cyber security risks and roll out best responses to the latest risks, super-fast!