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Microsoft Teams is fast becoming the standard collaboration and communications tool for businesses worldwide, most of which rely on it to carry out daily operations. It is as mission-critical as email, and yet, data shared over Teams are vulnerable to many serious data loss threats.

Ensure all your business-critical Teams data is safely backed up and restorable through Hornetsecurity’s ground-breaking 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup, which includes comprehensive Teams backup.

Your Teams data is not natively backed up by Microsoft 

It’s a common misconception that Microsoft backs up data, but this is not actually the case as explained in Microsoft’s own shared responsibility model. Furthermore, in its services agreement Microsoft “recommends that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.” 

Easy to use, fast to restore

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Once you’ve configured Hornetsecurity 365 Total Backup, all your Teams conversations as well as any files shared over Teams chats, meetings or channel conversations, including meeting recordings will be backed up. All backups are easily located in the Hornetsecurity control panel enabling you to access and download your data and perform quick restorations in the event of data loss.

The most complete Teams backup solution on the market

A study carried out by IT market analysts techconsult revealed that Hornetsecurity’s 365 Total Backup is one of the only backup solutions to protect the full range of Teams communications, including user chats and channel communications.

Sample usage data suggests that more than 96% of messages sent on Teams are sent in user chats. These are the conversations that occur directly between single or multiple Teams users (“Chat”) as opposed to channel conversations (“Teams”) which host conversations by a designated set of users.

Although user chats account for the overwhelming majority of messages sent through Teams, Hornetsecurity is one of the only solutions available that backs up and enables full restores of user chat data in addition to all channel conversations.


of Teams messages are sent through user chats
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Take your Microsoft 365 security to the next level with 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup:


Teams backup is included alongside comprehensive email security and compliance features in addition to backup and recovery.


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