VM Backup, Hornetsecurity’s award-winning virtual machine backup and replication solution, received recognition in a recent comparison study in Backup and Availability by SoftwareReviews.

SoftwareReviews named Hornetsecurity a market leader in Backup and Availability as we proved to be the top contender, setting the benchmark with a category-leading composite satisfaction score of 9.1/10.

Earning the top overall feature satisfaction score as well as being the leading provider in both virtual machine backup and deduplication implementation, is something we are proud to have achieved.

We at Hornetsecurity are committed to providing a reliable, no-fuss backup solution when needed. Therefore, our VM Backup service is designed specifically for small and mid-market businesses. We are putting a lot of thought and care into creating a product that meets the needs of our customers.

Hornetsecurity as Industry Leader in Backup and Availability

Outstanding Feedback: VM Backup Is The Top Value Driver

Adding to this, customers acknowledged us and our product as an important value driver for their businesses. They commended Hornetsecurity’s VM Backup and disclosed that the product was critical to their professional success.

Hornetsecurity received outstanding feedback

It gives us great pride to have attained such a high level of customer satisfaction. Customers said they were likely to recommend us to others and were super satisfied with the premium-level support we deliver. This rate of satisfaction is a true testament to the quality of our product and the level of service we provide.

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If you require a backup solution for your business, Hornetsecurity’s VM Backup is an excellent choice. It is fast, affordable, and high-performance, making it an ideal option for small and mid-market companies. Customer satisfaction is unparalleled, as our premium-level support is second to none.