• The calendar in the “Email Live Tracking” module now has a ” 12 months” option.
  • For outgoing emails, the maximum number of recipients that can be addressed in a single delivery has been increased from 35 to 100.


  • The migration to 365 Total Protection is now more user-friendly.
  • The Ex Post Deletion feature is available for all 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup customers.
  • The “Auditing 2.0” module now also audits changes to environments performed during an existing customer’s migration to 365 Total Protection.
  • In the “Auditing 2.0” module, an error in the display on mobile devices has been fixed.
  • In the “Email Live Tracking” module, an error message is now displayed when you reach the end of records available for display. Up to 10,000 records can be displayed, which corresponds to 200 pages with default settings. Users can use filters to narrow down the displayed records.
  • An error when selecting text while pressing the mouse button has been fixed in the email details of the “Email Live Tracking” module.
  • An error while renaming synchronized Microsoft 365 mailboxes has been fixed.
  • In the “Mailboxes” module, an error while deleting mailboxes from the Control Panel has been fixed.
  • In the “Mailboxes” module, a display error has been fixed.
  • API requests for creating multiple mailboxes in the Control Panel have been updated.
  • An error in the display of Chinese characters in emails signed with the Signature and Disclaimer service has been fixed.
  • A button in the “LDAP Connection” tab of the “Service Dashboard” module has been improved.