• Spam and Malware Protection now supports Hornet.email accounts.
  • The Archiving module has been extensively reworked and implemented in HTML. Furthermore, the former Archiving Audit Access Management module has been removed. Its functions are now integrated into a tab in the new Archiving module.
  • Now, Control Panel users who are also Microsoft 365 customers can start the migration to 365 Total Protection themselves from the Control Panel. Domains and mailboxes from their Microsoft 365 accounts are imported automatically.
  • During the creation of new partners or customers in the Service Dashboard, it is now possible to directly create a new administrator account for the partner or customer if desired.


  • Buttons and other elements of the graphical user interface have been further improved and harmonized.
  • The Service Dashboard module has been optimized for display on mobile devices.
  • The spam reports for entire domains now list not only the senders but also the recipients of the emails.
  • The performance in the Black/Whitelist module for customers with a large number of entries has been improved.