Up-to-date version of the client is immediately available to download
With a few innovations, antispameurope is releasing an up-to-date version of the fully encrypted cloud storage solution Hornetdrive. It places particular emphasis on being highly user-friendly and improving the management of stored data. The version 3.2.1 of Hornetdrive will be available to download from www.hornetdrive.com, from the Google Play Store (Android) and from the Apple App Store (iOS).   The most important change in the new version affects all Hornetdrive users: There is now an option to save the keys to the individual drives not only on the local client systems, but also to encrypt them in cloud. The keys are directly available on a new device via the Encrypted Key Repository, once the users have successfully logged in through Hornetdrive. Transferring the keys to new devices via invitation will no longer be necessary. Thus, handling and using Hornetdrive for new client installations will become easier.   The Hornetdrive Android app has gained two important features: On the user’s request, the Android client will only automatically synchronize if the device is connected to WIFI – this will save bandwidth and mobile network costs. The new change history gives an overview of which changes have taken place in the drives used from a particular date. The notification is displayed as a list, or as a data tree.   Users with an Enterprise license have access to two additional features: they can set the recycling bin on a drive to automatically empty itself after a certain period of time. Furthermore, the number of file versions on the server can also be changed once a drive is added.   “We are always working on making our solutions more user-friendly,” says Oliver Dehning, the CEO of antispameurope. “With the new release, we have put this into practice for Hornetdrive and implemented a number of functions that significantly improve usability for our users.”   With Hornetdrive, users can save fully encrypted data in the cloud, and share these securely with other users. The uninterrupted end-to-end encryption guarantees that all information and data is safe from unauthorized access. All user data is stored in German data centers and, as a provider, antispameurope is bound to German data protection law. Thanks to the ability to share and simultaneously edit files, Hornetdrive offers a secure and easy to use alternative to conventional, insecure or complicated cloud storage solutions, which are often used by businesses and individuals.