Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s second-biggest city, has many different nicknames. One of them is „The City of Bridges“. Bridges are some of the most important buildings mankind has ever invented. They facilitate traveling, they help overcoming obstacles and differences, and they accelerate moving from A to B. For Hornetsecurity, Pennsylvania could be regarded as the other side of the bridge spanning from Germany to the U.S. Just a few weeks ago, we founded our new subsidiary, Hornetsecurity Inc., in the “City of Bridges”.
  Being new in town on the other hand means that it is important to make acquaintances and establish a functioning network. Because of this, we have joined two principal local organizations, the “German Chamber of Commerce” (GACCPIT) and the “Pittsburgh Technology Council” (PTC). Both are vital in connecting to other companies, decision makers and thus building a strong network. Let’s have a look at the two organizations whose member Hornetsecurity now is.  

German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC)

  The GACC with its local chapter in Pittsburgh promotes and supports bilateral trade between Germany and the U.S.  The private, non-profit organization has founded its Pittsburgh branch in 2015 and connects its members with the regional business community. It represents German-speaking companies, offers a job initiative and organizes networking events.

Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC)

With more than 1,300 members, the PTC is one of the key drivers of the tech sector in Pennsylvania, ranging from IT to life sciences and application developers. It provides its members with a platform of business development, talent retention, government relations and visibility services. In many events, members can exchange more than just business cards. They can share ideas, exchange opinions and forge a bright future for the Pittsburgh region.
As a newcomer to Western Pennsylvania, Hornetsecurity is not only eager to grow its business, we want to bring in our ideas to the region and to these two organizations to help the city and its economy to grow as quickly as possible. And hopefully, with Pittsburgh as our next base, we will be able to build many new bridges. To new customers, partners, organizations in the U.S.