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In this episode, we delve into the world of social engineering, phishing, and spam campaigns, exploring modern techniques threat actors are using to trick users into divulging sensitive information through email. Security Evangelist Andy and guest expert Umut Alemdar, head of the Security Lab here at Hornetsecurity, explain how phishing remains the top method of attack for many cybercriminals due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to exploit human vulnerability.

Attackers use excellent context and timing to create convincing email messages that trick even the most savvy users into divulging sensitive information. Despite the prevalence of anti-spam solutions, phishing continues to rise as attackers adapt and evolve their techniques.

Tune in to gain a better understanding of social engineering and how to protect your organization in the modern age.


1:47 – Social engineering, phishing, and spam campaigns: still a problem in the modern era

6:30 – Why is phishing so effective, even today?

11:43 – What other types of attacks does phishing enable for end users?

16:48 – How does the industry ultimately solve the problem of phishing?

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