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In today’s episode, we’re delighted to welcome back Eric Siron, who’s no stranger to our show. Andy and Eric will be exploring some historical methods devised by the security community to safeguard backups against ransomware such as air gapping, removable media and application whitelisting. But here’s the twist: we’re approaching these protective measures from the mindset of a relentless threat actor, someone who’s determined to breach your defenses and make your backups their own.

Throughout the episode, we will discuss common misconceptions surrounding these historical solutions, often described as the ultimate ransomware defenses. Do they genuinely live up to the hype? Why do they seem to fall short when used in a vacuum? Tune in to learn more!

Episode Resources:

The Backup Bible by Eric Siron

EP22: Can You Trust Microsoft with Security?

Immutable Protection Against Ransomware

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Eric on Twitter