Welcome back to IT Pro Tuesday!

In the latest Security Swarm Podcast: “Microsoft’s SFI Expansion, UK’s New PSTI Law & Updates on Change Healthcare Attack,” we discuss the cybersecurity landscape based on data from the Monthly Threat Report for May 2024. We cover a range of news items, including Microsoft’s recent announcement to expand the Secure Future Initiative, the new PSTI (Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure) Act in the UK and a significant brand impersonation campaign targeting the German financial entity Commerzbank. Additionally, you’ll hear updates on the Change Healthcare ransomware attack.

We’re looking for your favorite tips and tools we can share with the community… those that help you do your job better and more easily. Please share your suggestions on the IT Pro Tuesday subreddit, and we’ll be featuring them in the coming weeks.

Now on to this week’s list

A Free Tool

Iamroot DNS Lookup is an online tool for resolving domain names. Supports the most-common record types and performs secondary lookups on any references in the returned DNS records. Author flems77 explains, “MX Toolbox has a lot of excellent tools, but for basic DNS lookups, I had a really hard time finding any basic and simple tool with low-key results. So, I actually made my own.”

External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

A Tip

A solution-finding strategy suggested by Bleglord:

Adding site:Reddit.com to searches for odd issues with no documentation online.

A Podcast

Packet Protector is a new offering from Packet Pushers that covers the latest security headlines as well as delving into tech and strategic insights on a wide range of essential networking topics. SevaraB says, “[it] gets into good security day-to-day operational stuff without getting quite as ranty as Steve Gibson.”

External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

Another Free Tool

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a universal IPv4/IPv6 scanner that can ping, scan ports, and discover shared folders. Includes flexible filter and display options. lpbale0 adds, “It is robust, extensible, and updated on a regular basis. You can also integrate NMAP for Windows into it. Yea, NMAP for Windows, I said it, flame me.”

A Tutorial

Modifying XML, JSON, INI configuration files without sed is a detailed blog post explaining an alternative method for adjusting config files, including the relevant code. pdp10 favors this approach to using “sed, jq, xmlstarlet, augtool for elegantly modifying config files.”

External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

P.S. Bonus Free Tools

LanScan is a fast and easy-to-use IPv4/IPv6 network scanner for discovering all active devices on any subnet, whether local or public. A favorite tool of Mac-user, MexicanHam2.

WinDbg is a SysInternals debugger that is designed to analyze crash dumps, debug live user-mode and kernel-mode code, and examine CPU registers and memory. A favorite tool of Pickle-this1.