Welcome back to IT Pro Tuesday!

First off this week, we’d like to invite you to take part in a 5-min survey on I.T. security awareness training in companies. Help us understand how the human side of security is handled in your organization, and you’ll get a chance to win a Google Nest Hub Max worth $229!

And in the latest Security Swarm Podcast: “Lockbit’s Return, ScreenConnect Vulnerability & a US Healthcare Cyber Attack,” we discuss Hornetsecurity’s Monthly Threat Report analyzing recent security incidents and share expert insights.

We’re looking for your favorite tips and tools we can share with the community… those that help you do your job better and more easily. Please share your suggestions on the IT Pro Tuesday subreddit, and we’ll be featuring them in the coming weeks.

Now on to this week’s list!

A Tip

A handy shortcut, compliments of ensum: 

sysdm.cpl in the run diaglog/start menu will open System Properties.”

A Free Tool

Scintilla is a source code editing component with the usual text editing features as well as highly useful capabilities for editing and debugging source code. Features include support for syntax styling, error indicators, code completion and call tips; selection margin can contain markers like those used in debuggers to indicate breakpoints and the current line; and better styling choices. Appreciated by GeneMoody-Action1, who adds, “I have IDEs for 6 languages built into this completely portable.”

External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

A Tutorial

Introduction About BiDi SFP and BiDi Fiber explains specifically how BiDi SFP works and for what, what fiber it should operate with, and the differences between it and common SFP. Thanks for directing us to this one are offered to chaoticbear.

Another Free Tool

Prometheus SNMP Exporter exposes SNMP data in a format that is perfectly mapped for Prometheus. It translates the hierarchical data structure of SNMP to work with the Prometheus n-dimnensional matrix, thus eliminating the need to manually go through data. Our appreciation for this suggestion goes to bilbo-baggins125.

External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary


A timely yet harmless prank in the category of ‘we didn’t suggest anything’… this one compliments of Ganthet72: 

“One April Fool’s Day, I put a sign on the copiers that they were now ‘voice-activated.’ It was fun listening to people telling the copier, ‘Make two copies’ all day.”

P.S. Bonus Free Tools

HTML Cheat Sheet is a quick guide to useful code examples and web developer tools, markup generators and more, including a nice pdf version you can print out. Kindly recommended by Extradiscipline_644.

Omni OS is an open-source enterprise server OS featuring data storage, lightweight virtualization, full hardware virtualization, software-defined networking, and in-depth tracing. AntranigV says, “I deployed OmniOS for a customer and I fell in love with it. Now I have 5+ deployments of OmniOS and I even setup a local mirror to download packages even faster. illumos Zones with ZFS, boot environments and SMF/FMA is really amazing, best enterprise Unix I’ve ever seen in my life. Can’t believe people are not using this gem.”