Welcome back to IT Pro Tuesday!

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Now on to this week’s list!

A Free Tool

Apprise is a lightweight, versatile notification tool for popular platforms including Telegram, Discord, Slack, Amazon SNS, Gotify, and more. S_E_V_I explains, “I’m using apprise configured with my Telegram bot. I have a shell script which takes message as an argument, so I can easily call it from other scripts, as well as simple REST API proxy, so I can send messages through HTTP requests.”

A Cheatsheet

Tailwind Cheatsheet is a well organized, searchable one-page reference guide designed to help you quickly find all the essential commands required when working with Tailwind. Kindly recommended by Extra_Discipline_644.

Another Free Tool

Tianji is an open-source application that seamlessly combines website analytics, uptime monitoring, and server status tracking into a single, lightweight tool. Author moonrailgun explains, “Now you can replace umami, uptime kuma, and server status… just need deploy once, and [what’s] more, less system usage.”

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One More Free Tool

NDI Core Suite offers a comprehensive set of tools and plugins to set up, test, and manage NDI workflows, with intuitive simplicity for beginners and robust customization options for advanced users. Our thanks for the suggestion go to MurderingMurloc.

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Training Resource

Mactelecom Networks is a YouTube channel dedicated to straightforward and informative tech content. You’ll find practical guides on IT-related topics, with a focus on Ubiquiti products, Cisco, and on-site job walkthroughs intended to demystify the implementation process. Suggested by spacemanwho.

External Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Summary

P.S. Bonus Free Tools

SQLite is a compact, in-process, serverless, and self-contained SQL database engine that operates without the need for configuration. It reads and writes directly to disk files, containing a complete SQL database in a single file, making it a a great choice for various applications. synthdrunk recommends this powerful, no-cost database for software asset management.

FreeRADIUS offers a comprehensive suite that leverages this powerful, fundamental technology. Includes a server, client, development libraries, and various RADIUS and IP address-related utilities. pdp10 says it “should support everything RADIUS.”