Cyber Security Roundtable

How The Major Threats Of 2023 Will Impact Microsoft 365


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The IT community suffered an ever-escalating threat landscape in 2022 with ransomware attacks intensifying, multiple exchange vulnerabilities, nation state threat actors on the rise, log4J, and more. In such a volatile environment, how can you tell which threats to prioritize in 2023?


Join Andy Syrewicze, Technical Evangelist from Hornetsecurity for an in-depth discussion with an esteemed panel of experts to discuss the major cyber security threats in 2023, and how they will impact the Microsoft 365 platform and its users. In this session Andy and the panel will discuss:


  • The major threats and trends of 2022
  • The threats faced by the industry’s “digital transformation” to cloud services
  • Current world events and their impact on the M365 threat landscape
  • Predictions for 2023
  • How to secure your M365 environment and mitigate risks
  • And more!


Clear your calendar and bring your questions. This is THE cyber security event you don’t want to miss!

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Meet the Speakers

Mark T. Hofmann

Mark T Hofmann

Expert in Behavioral & Cyber Profiling

Mark studied Business Psychology and trained as a criminal and intelligence analyst in the USA. He specializes in behavioral & cyber profiling and is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of profiling, forensic and intelligence psychology, interrogation tactics, counterintelligence and white-collar crime.  

Hasain Alshakarti

Hasain Alshakarti Truesec

Security expert and computer industry speaker

Hasain Alshakarti has been awarded recognition as “Sweden’s leading IT security expert” and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Enterprise Security and Cloud & Datacenter. With over 20 years of experience, Hasain has built up an extensive and deep expertise in Security Assessment, Network Security and PKI, helping customers build solutions to protect, detect and respond to cyber threats. 

Umut Alemdar

Umut Alemdar

Head of Security Lab, Hornetsecurity 

Umut has more than a decade of experience in email security, security research, and software engineering. Umut excels in his understanding of the threat landscape and has conducted extensive research on exploits, phishing attacks, and malware. In addition, Umut has profound knowledge of the cybersecurity market and assists Hornetsecurity in innovating its cybersecurity solutions and enhancing user protection. 

Moderated by Andy Syrewicze

Andy Syrewicze

Technical Evangelist, Hornetsecurity 

Andy has over 20 years’ experience in providing technology solutions across several industry verticals, he holds the Microsoft MVP award in Cloud and Datacenter Management and is one of few who is also a VMware Expert. 

An In-depth Analysis of the Microsoft 365 threat landscape

At the Cyber Security Roundtable we take a deep dive into the current Microsoft 365 threat Landscape.  

The experts will discuss latest trends, major attacks and upcoming cyber threats from different perspectives. 

The Mind of Cyber Criminals

Mark T. Hofmann takes you on an exciting journey into the mind of cyber criminals. What motivates hackers? What are their latest social engineering techniques? And how can you become a “human firewall'”? 

Needs for Security Measures

Hasain Alshakarti analyzes the topic from the point of view of a private business and incident response. He has a special focus on the business need for security measures. Where are the main vulnerabilities and how can security be improved in the company?


Insight from Security Lab

A member of Security Lab provides an insight straight from the lab. 

The Security Lab at Hornetsecurity conducts forensic analyses of the most current and critical security threats, specializing in email security.