Our Mission Statement:

While each of us is strong, only together can we be successful.

Over the years, Hornetsecurity has developed a number of principles that apply to all employees of the company. These principles form the basis for dealing with each other, our partners, our customers, and for handling our daily tasks at Hornetsecurity.

Who We Are

We provide cloud computing security worldwide.
We set standards and offer our customers products that are easy to use.


Our Understanding of Quality

We provide reliable quality that meets the highest expectations of our customers. In order to maintain these standards on a long-term basis, we are constantly working on improvements. At Hornetsecurity we are proud of the quality of products and services we offer.

Service Commitment

As a service provider, we are there for our customers and partners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make their problems our problems, providing individualized solutions.

Data Protection

Data and information are valuable assets to our partners and customers. Protecting these assets is a top priority for us.

Interaction with Each Other

We believe that mutual respect and commitment form the basis for interacting with each other, and we act accordingly.
We create an environment that promotes performance and fosters strong relationships.

Shared Responsibility

Each employee is responsible for the company as a whole.
We work in a results-oriented manner.


Team and Collaboration

Everyone,—whether an employee, supplier, partner, customer or another stakeholder—is an integral part of the team, enabling us to meet our challenges.
Collaboration means working together.
Each individual should use their strengths to support the others.
While each of us is strong, only together can we be successful.

Attitude to Change

Our environment is changing at an ever faster pace. We recognize changes in our environment, and we systematically seek new innovative ways to adapt.


We build trust through open communication, and we want to be judged on our ability to keep our promises.