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You want to protect your email communication from spying? Your mailboxes are flooded with spam? Do you want to store data securely encrypted and share it securely with others?

Managed Cloud Security Services without compromise

Hornetsecurity is a premium provider of Managed Security Services. Our products ensure perfect and secure communication via email and the internet. The Managed Security Services are immediately active and do not require any additional software, hardware or maintenance by your IT experts. Our solutions are compatible with all common servers and systems and are provided centrally via several secure data centers in Germany – 24 hours a day.

365 Total Protection

365 Total Protection Business from Hornetsecurity provides all-round protection for Microsofts cloud services – developed specifically for seamless integration with Office 365.

Spam and Malware Protection

Secure your email communications and protect yourself from unwanted messages.

Advanced Threat Protection

Protect your business from targeted and individual email attacks such as CEO fraud, ransomware, phishing and blended attacks.

365 Total Encryption

Prevent loss of information by email. Protect your emails within your Office 365 mailbox with encryption, identity and authorization policies.

Email Archiving

Email Archiving without effort: Store your incoming and outgoing emails in a revision-proof and legally compliant manner in secure German computer centres.

Email Encryption

The cost-effective, fully automated email encryption service protects incoming and outgoing emails against spying and falsification.

Continuity Service

The stand-by system for emergencies. Activated within seconds, our service keeps your email traffic up and running in the event of a failure.

Signature and Disclaimer

Uniform and legally compliant email signatures and disclaimers – for a professional company presentation in email communication.

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