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The Hornet’s Buzz

The Hornet’s Buzz is an ongoing video series that answers questions you have about who Hornetsecurity is, the cloud-based email security solutions we provide and the culture of the US office. We’ll also discuss partnership programs for managed service providers and much, much more!

You may email us your questions at and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as possible.

The entire series of Hornet’s Buzz videos may be viewed on our YouTube channel located here.  Learn more about Hornetsecurity by clicking on the link below.

About Hornetsecurity

To bring B2B customers quality solutions, Hornetsecurity thinks outside the box. As a reliable cloud security provider, we’re sharing our hard-earned expertise in email, web and file security with companies and organizations of all sizes and types across the globe. Hornetsecurity has been focused on cloud computing since 2007 when the company was founded by Oliver Dehning and Daniel Hofmann in Hannover, Germany, where it maintains its global headquarters.

Today, Hornetsecurity has grown to more than 190 employees, offering comprehensive security solutions in the fields of email security, web security, encryption, and data storage to more than 40,000 business customers around the world. In 2017, Hornetsecurity opened a North American base of operations in Pittsburgh. and in 2019 acquired Spamina.

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