Leads Enrichment Tool (LET)

Enter domains in the form and find out the best sales approach

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About the Leads Enrichment Tool (LET)

The Leads Enrichment Tool analyzes domains to find out what IT infrastructure and security services are being used. For this, the service connects domains with technologies (e.g., Hosted Exchange, O365, and third-party security vendors) using market analysis and advanced DNS analytics.

The result is combined with a recommendation on how best to approach the domain holder for a successful sales conversation.


How to look up domains

Single domain or email address lookup

Enter a single domain or email address. The Leads Enrichment Tool will look up the domain (or domain in the email address) and will return a result with a recommended action.

CSV file lookup

Upload CSV files with up to 1000 entries. The LET service will look up the domains and will return a result with a recommended action for each domain.

To properly by processed, the CSV file needs to be correctly formatted. Fill only the first column. The first row should have the header “Domain”. Every subsequent row should have a FQDN domain name. Email addresses and other invalid entries will not be processed.

See the Sample CSV file for proper formatting.