Interview with Giuseppe Scalamogna – Inside Technical Sales

Interview with Giuseppe Scalamogna – Inside Technical Sales

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Giuseppe is our first employee for our new subsidiary in the USA. He is busy building Hornetsecurity Inc. and establishing it in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.


Hi Giuseppe, you are officially our first employee in our U.S. office. Can you tell me a little bit about your work at Hornetsecurity?

 No problem. Hornetsecurity has given me a unique opportunity to be a part of their US expansion.  Presently, I’m tasked with building relationships and helping to find partners who will help us grow. It’s an incredible feeling to be given the confidence to come onboard and guide how our process will be developed here in the Pittsburgh office. It certainly has been a learning experience for me as I have been able to participate not only in sales strategy, but I’ve also had the pleasure to work with the Marketing and PR teams to get the business up and running. It has been very busy, but I have enjoyed all aspects of the experience. I’m confident that the team we have in Germany and the team we are assembling here in Pittsburgh are poised for the challenges involved in growing.
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Would you mind giving us some insight into your daily routine?

 Not at all! I have a pretty simple daily routine and it all starts with communication. Typically, I read over my emails first thing in the morning before I leave for the office here in Bakery Square. My work commute through the neighborhood takes me less than 10 minutes. Once I arrive at the office I start off by responding to emails and contacting my colleagues in Germany. I want to make sure that we have some time to collaborate on various projects, since we have a time difference of 6 hours. After I finish with conference calls and anything that needs my urgent attention I pick up the phone and start calling prospective leads here in Pittsburgh. I follow up with clients that have reached out and update our CRM software. I try to think of new ways to improve my sales process and experiment with incremental changes. I also think about what the office needs are as we continue to grow and I envision how we can make the office functional for the team – that’s an exciting part about being here at the beginning.

You have already been to the offices in Germany. How were your impressions of Germany, the offices and your new colleagues?

 I had been to Europe in the past and even spent some time teaching English in Italy years ago, but I had never been to Germany before this trip. It truly is a remarkable country full of warm and wonderful people. I did not know much German other than a few key phrases that I picked up, but I found no shortage of strangers who were willing to help me find my hotel or point me in the right direction at a train station. I really had no idea what to expect at the Hornetsecurity offices. I had met the CEO, Oliver Dehning, here in Pittsburgh, but I didn’t know what the full picture of the office was going to be like. As the first US employee traveling overseas for training I was just expecting a sterile office building. Thankfully, I was very mistaken about that. When I arrived in Hanover I was quickly impressed. The offices were warm and vibrant and bursting with talent. I was greeted by smiling faces who were happy to see me and would eventually become my friends. It seemed that every individual in a role at Hornetsecurity had been handpicked and had something special to offer the team. They all fit into a very fun culture of tech, and genuinely loved their jobs. Their enthusiasm was infectious. After my training in Hanover, I was sent to meet the sales team in Berlin and I was curious if this other office could live up to the hype that Hanover had created in my mind, and once again I could not have asked to be introduced to a better group of people. The team was talented and knew how to have fun while still being productive. They spend a lot of time smiling and laughing and made me feel at home. The office itself was in the center of Berlin and gave me a chance to get a feel for the culture and take in the sights. In addition to learning from a team with top talent, I was fortunate to be introduced to what is now one of my new favorite cities. 

Hornetsecurity is a German provider of cloud security services. Have you worked before in this industry or is everything completely new to you?

 I have worked with Inside Sales teams for several Fortune 500 companies and had experience with Enterprise sales. One of these companies was a telecommunications industry leader that gave me an opportunity to learn a great deal about technology. However, this is my initiation into the world of cloud based security services and Hornetsecurity is working with the most advanced technologies that I have had the opportunity to encounter in my professional life. 

What is your experience with the Hornetsecurity solutions so far?

 I’ve been extremely impressed by how well Hornetsecurity solutions have been designed. There has been careful attention to detail to make sure that the products are intuitive and offer a fantastic user experience. The extra effort taken to ensure that the products are constantly being updated by our system engineers to make certain that network administrators have peace of mind is a remarkable thing to offer our clients. 

The American IT market is huge. Do you think Hornetsecurity can take advantage of this and why?

 Absolutely. The IT market is enormous and that makes sense when you think about the evolution of technology throughout time. In a globalized world, technology is involved in the background of all aspects of our lives. We depend on technology to source our morning news, to learn about the weather, and even to figure out what’s for dinner. It makes sense that more and more IT infrastructure is needed as the amounts of data being stored and transferred continue to grow exponentially. However, as these technologies continue to be used there will be opportunists who seek to exploit vulnerabilities in current IT systems and with outdated technology infrastructure that is still being used. Let’s think of the example like an appliance based email gateway. A lot of these hardware based components are quickly becoming relics. They are consuming a lot of energy and are costly to maintain. As a result, these systems are not typically updated as much as would be ideally necessary. Technology is changing more rapidly than ever and the reality is that cloud based computing is here to stay. We need stay ahead of the curve and be flexible enough to change with the industry to meet the changing needs of the world. Hornetsecurity makes a point of being highly flexible and adapting to changing malware that is constantly being produced and because there is no physical hardware in front of a client’s email server we can effectively keep malware out of company’s networks where it belongs.
Interview with Fridolin Rath – Technical Consultant

Interview with Fridolin Rath – Technical Consultant

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Today we would like to introduce to you Fridolin. He came to Hornetsecurity to bring in and expand his previous work experience within his new position as Technical Consultant.

 What were your previous career steps?
I was always interested in IT and fascinated by it. Therefore, I made an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development and worked at first as a software developer. After that, I had jobs as an Application Administrator, ERP Consultant and IT-Administrator. Then I moved to Panama for three years, where I worked as a Business Development Manager. Why did you choose Hornetsecurity as your new employer?
I was searching for new challenges and took notice of Hornetsecurity, because I was looking for a job that combines IT and languages (German, English and Spanish). That was exactly what I found here! Additionally, I have projects at Hornetsecurity, which I can manage independently so that I can bear a lot of responsibility at an early stage. What exactly is your Job at Hornetsecurity?
I’m a Technical Consultant in the team of Customer Relations. In case of product changes or new releases we communicate all relevant information to our customers and sales partners. This also applies on an international scale. In addition, we handle the support tickets from our communication platform. I have different projects, whose duration range from one week to three months, and each one of them is exciting and diverse. What are the differences between Hornetsecurity and other companies?
Hornetsecurity has a very good business idea, because the field of IT security is becoming increasingly important in present times of cybercrime. The more each employee brings in his own skills and ideas, the more we can ensure and encourage the protection of our customers. This creative possibility to participate and seeing direct results of our work are big advantages of Hornetsecurity. How do you find the cooperation within the team?
We work together in small teams on different projects and support each other in case of various problems. As a result, we can combine and expand the experience and knowledge of each person well in order to achieve the best goals possible. In recurring department or company-wide meetings each person is integrated beyond the own remit, so that everyone knows, where the journey is heading and how the own performance is measured. What do you do in your spare time?
I like to play volleyball and I love to make music. For example, i play the trumpet, the guitar and the mandolin. But, of course, my family is also part of my hobbies, because I spend a lot of my spare time with my two little children and my wife.
Interview with Alexander Spaller – Regional Sales Manager

Interview with Alexander Spaller – Regional Sales Manager

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Alex is working in the sales department at Hornetsecurity since the beginning of 2016. He provides us with some useful insights into his work environment.

 What were your previous career steps?
After my commercial traineeship, I worked in the sales department at DELL in Halle for 5 years. At first, I was employed as an account manager. As a project manager of a specialized sales team, I was then responsible for major projects with public clients. My next career step led me to an IT security system reseller for more than two years, for which I was employed within the field service in the area Berlin-Brandenburg. After that I got to Hornetsecurity. How did you get to the IT?
During my apprenticeship, I discovered my talent for distribution and I soon realized that the IT offers an incredible sales potential. What motivates you personally?
Within the sales department I have the possibility to actively contribute to the corporate growth. This is a great motivation for my daily work. Why did you choose Hornetsecurity as your employer?
Hornetsecurity is a rather young company and is characterized by flat hierarchies, high flexibility and great development opportunities with regard to management positions – these are all things that are very important to me. Furthermore, the products are in touch with the latest trends, because currently the market for cloud security is in a period of rapid development. Besides my passion for IT-security-products I’m also interested in contributing to the development of this market and in using the tremendous potentials in the field of distribution. What are your tasks at Hornetsecurity?
As a regional Sales Manager I have two kinds of tasks. Firstly, I’m responsible for the support of sales partners in the area NORD. This includes on-site training courses, joint webinars and common customer meetings amongst other. Moreover, I support strategically important end customers. What would you recommend to potential candidates for the sales department at Hornetsecurity?
Anyone who wants to work in our sales department should like to explore the large and increasing market of cloud security. A good organizational talent is important as well as a strong “hunting instinct” at the acquisition of sales partners and customers, independence, readiness to travel and interest in IT-security. How are you supported at Hornetsecurity?
My individual support from the company is very multifaceted. On the one hand, there was a high degree of responsibility that was transferred to me at an early stage, which both challenged and encouraged me personally. On the other hand, there are possibilities to get internal as well as external training courses, which are specifically tailored to me. What were you able to improve and which personal skills were you able to foster at Hornetsecurity?
Due to my professional activity, I was able to intensify the relationships to many customers and partners so that I could directly increase sales and indirectly improve the market perception of our products. From a personal perspective, I was able to train and improve my organizational and presentational skills.
Interview with Tsigab Gebre – Trainee Service Operations Center

Interview with Tsigab Gebre – Trainee Service Operations Center

Tsigab is doing an apprenticeship at Hornetsecurity. He is from Eritrea and has been in Germany for only three years. Today we would like to introduce him to you.

 Please briefly introduce yourself to us.
My name is Tsigab, I’m 26 years old and I’m living in Germany for three years now. I’m originally from Eritrea, which lies north of Ethiopia. In April I started working at Hornetsecurity as an intern and now I am an apprentice here. Why did you applied to Hornetsecurity?
I have been interested in the job description of an IT-specialist for a while now and was able to gain some experience in my three years in Germany. I came across Hornetsecurity at the employment agency and applied directly for the advertised position. What does your work routine look like?
At the moment I’m working in the area Service Operations, where I independently create spam rules for our spam filter service. I make sure that spam emails are recognized by our filters and treated as such. In addition, I get a good insight into other tasks that come up here at Hornetsecurity. Right now I’m being introduced to the Linux-administration and Bash Script.  You already mentioned it: What have you done before your internship at Hornetsecurity?
It is five years since I first worked in the IT field. Next to repairing computers I also made simple configurations of web servers and networks. From these previous experiences I benefit now. Now I want to improve my expertise and with Hornetsecurity I’ve found the right partner for that. What do you do outside of the Hornetsecurity offices?
I like spending time with my friends in the garden. We love to care for plants and plant something new. To see how a small seed grows to a beautiful plant is triggering a positive feeling. After the gardening comes of course the pleasure. We relax and look proudly at our work. I always take my laptop computer with me because we occasionally like to play videogames. Furthermore, I like reading books and listening to music. If the weather is nice, I like taking a walk in Hanover to become familiar with my surroundings. What is your decisive argument for going to work with pleasure?
Clearly my colleagues, who integrated me kindly into the team right from the start. I can always rely on their helpfulness. So I felt comfortable right from the beginning. The work at Hornetsecurity comes right after that. I really enjoy my work, which is very versatile because of the insights into the different departments. You have been in Germany for three years. What are your plans for the next three years?
Firstly I want to continue my apprenticeship at Hornetsecurity and, of course, finish it successfully. Then it is my wish that I can continue my career at Hornetsecurity as a permanent employee.
Tina Thomas blog contribution

Tina Thomas blog contribution

 In our last post, we showed you a trainee starting work at Hornetsecurity. Tina, our IT systems trainee, has just come to the end of her third year of training at Hornetsecurity. She is the best example of the kinds of training opportunities Hornetsecurity offers to prospective trainees, and how they make them possible. Tina, tell us a bit about yourself.Hi, I am Bettina Thomas, I live in Hannover and I have been a trainee at Hornetsecurity since 01/08/2012, working as an IT Systems Specialist. Alongside work, I attend block lessons at the Multi Media Vocational School in Hanover. How did you find out about Hornetsecurity?I searched the Internet for IT specialist trainee positions in application development. After I saw Hornetsecurity’s website, I decided to apply. In the interview, the IT systems job was also presented to me with the option of training as either an IT Specialist or an IT Systems Specialist. After doing some research, I chose the latter and I am very happy with the decision. What do you expect from training?I try to not have any expectations about it. The IT Systems Specialist job is so broad that I’m achieving my goal of acquiring as much knowledge as possible. What department are you in at the moment, and what are your responsibilities?I am currently spending my last few days in Office Management. My time here has given me a lot in terms of my commercial training. My range of responsibilities includes general secretarial work, preparatory accounting, accounts receivable, sales support, expense reports and much more. Which departments have you worked in?To date, I have been in Presales, Customer Support, Product Management and Office Management. I will be going back into the Presales department in my last year of training. There, I will develop and consolidate my technical knowledge by working closely with Administration. What are your goals for the future?First, I would like to improve upon the points highlighted in my employee reviews, where I can still optimize my performance. Then I would be really happy successfully completing my training. I would like to put the knowledge that I have gained in training to the test in a permanent role. Personal interests/hobbies:My time spent at work involves a lot of time spent at a computer. That is why I like to do something completely different in my spare time and when I am on holiday. I like going climbing or bouldering either indoors or outdoors, but also a few days or weeks of walking or hiking is really fun.
Daniel Blank joins the Board of Management at antispameurope

Daniel Blank joins the Board of Management at antispameurope

Tthe antispameurope Board of Management continues to grow: Daniel Blank, who has been managing antispameurope’s sales activities as Sales Director, will join as a member of the Board at the cloud security specialists in Hanover, with immediate effect. This increases the total number of people on the Board of Management to three. Daniel Blank will manage the 7-year-old company alongside Daniel Hofmann and Oliver Dehning, with equal contribution from each. Daniel Blank brings with him over 13 years of experience in selling complex IT products, with more than six years in the IT security sector. His career includes previous positions at the Berlin cloud security provider eleven and the network specialists LANCOM Systems and AVM. As part of the Board of Management’s personnel expansion, responsibilities have been adapted: Daniel Hofmann will be responsible for the entire technical department while Daniel Blank merges all of the sales-based activities. In addition to the marketing department, which is already under his control, Oliver Dehning will now also oversee administrative tasks. The managers promise an even better company structure with this clear division – both on an organizational and on a human resource level. “We’re so happy to have a third managing director in our ranks with Daniel Blank,” says Oliver Dehning. “His past employment and expertise has shown that he can work with the Board of Management as equals. He will take our company further with his expertise.”