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In today’s episode, our host Andy sits down with Lia Fey, Customer Success Lead at Hornetsecurity, to discuss why employees need to be trained on security awareness and what type of training works best. In addition, they explore the challenges businesses face when trying to train their employees in today’s digital landscape.  

Lia Fey brings her expertise to the table and sheds light on real-world scenarios where organizations have successfully prevented attacks because an end user possessed the knowledge and ability to react appropriately. 


2:32 – What is a security awareness service? 

9:38 – Why is security awareness training so effective? 

12:45 – Measuring end-user success and right-sizing training 

20:11 – What is the right kind of end-user security training? 

24:22 – Some real-world scenarios 

28:35 – Do security awareness services help spot threats outside of email? 

Episode Resources:

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Cyber Security Report 2023

Andy on LinkedIn, Twitter or Mastodon 

Lia on LinkedIn