365 Total Protection honored with Computing Security Award 2020

365 Total Protection honored with Computing Security Award 2020

On 10.12.2020 the time finally arrived: The winners of this year’s Computing Security Awards were announced via livestream on YouTube.

Hornetsecurity has reason to celebrate, as its 365 Total Protection service was named as the winner in the “Editor’s Choice” category.

Hornetsecurity’s 365 Total Protection Suite offers email security management specifically designed for Microsoft 365 accounts. M365 customers benefit from fully comprehensive protection as well as simplified IT security management.

The editors of UK magazine Computing Security recognized 365 TP as a highly efficient solution that complements Microsoft’s cloud service with critical security mechanisms.  

Microsoft 365 as target of cyberattacks

Microsoft 365 is used by over one million companies worldwide. In the US alone, more than 650,000 companies rely on the software in their day-to-day operations. Vast amounts of sensitive data are exchanged in the Microsoft 365 cloud every day. Cybercriminals are also aware of this. The company reported a 250 percent increase in targeted attacks as early as the beginning of 2020.

If you also consider that 95 percent of all cyberattacks on companies start with an email, then it becomes clear: the right protection for email communication is extremely important, and 365 Total Protection is the ideal solution.

365 Total Protection is Editor’s Choice of the Year

The award is based on a detailed test of the product, which can be downloaded free of charge.

The editors‘ summary states:

“Hornetsecurity offers a cost-effective and highly efficient solution. Its 365 Total Protection cloud service provides a wealth of email security measures, which includes AI intelligence-based protection, allowing it to evolve as new threats emerge.”

365 Total Protection combines all the necessary security features that a fully comprehensive email security management requires. These include Email Live Tracking, Threat Defense and Global S/MIME & PGP Encryption. In the Enterprise version, additional features such as Malware Ex-Post Alert, ATP Sandboxing and email archiving are added. The company uses intelligent filter mechanisms in its protection solutions, which enable efficient detection and filtering of any cyber threats via e-mail.

Computing Security Magazine therefore concludes its assessment as follows: “Hornetsecurity’s 365 Total Protection lives up to its name, as it delivers a smart email security solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365. It fills the security holes Microsoft leaves behind, and with prices for the Business version starting at only $2 per user per month, is affordable for organizations of all sizes.”

Hornetsecurity introduces new self-service module

Hornetsecurity introduces new self-service module

During the Corona crisis, communication via email has gained great importance. Cyber criminals take advantage of the insecurity of many citizens to obtain money by fraudulent emails. Despite current domain authorization through SPF Records, malicious emails can still get into the mailboxes of victims. Hornetsecurity’s new self-service module “Email Authentication” offers a solution to this problem: users can now choose how to deal with scanned malicious emails at the touch of a button.

Authentication methods SPF, DKIM and DMARC

The verification is performed using the authentication methods SPF, DKIM and DMARC. In combination, these procedures function as a secure instrument against attacks on email communication. Thus, current spam, spoofing, phishing and malware attacks as well as targeted CEO fraud attacks can be blocked. This corresponds to the recommended security standard of the German Federal Office for Information Security.

The SPF authentication process recognizes emails sent with unauthorized sender addresses of the sender domains. The DKIM authentication process detects emails that have been modified during transit. And the DMARC authentication procedure ensures that the envelope sender address matches the body form address.

Hornetsecurity offers individual adjustment possibilities

Hornetsecurity now provides administrators and analysts with a number of options to customize the default settings of the authentication procedures to the individual needs of the users. While Hornetsecurity’s support team had to individually define the settings of the authentication procedures for customers for many years, this is now possible at the push of a button in a self-module.

For example, the results of the SPF authentication procedure can be displayed differently. Depending on whether the verification result is a hard or soft fail, an email is quarantined, rejected or delivered.

The SPF authentication procedure can also be used to individually define which components of the emails are to be analyzed. The following options are available:

  • analyze “envelope from” only,
  • only parse ‘header from’,
  • analyze ‘envelope from’ and ‘header from’.

With the DMARC and DKIM authentication procedure, it is possible to reject suspicious emails directly so that they are not stored on the server. By default, they are moved to quarantine.

Checklist for protection against email attacks

Despite all security measures, the following rules still remain valid in the end: Be careful when handling emails and their attachments. Caution is required for emails with long sender addresses or general addressing. Personal details should not be confirmed and winning notifications can also be ignored.

Why switch from Symantec Cloud Security to Hornetsecurity?

Why switch from Symantec Cloud Security to Hornetsecurity?

Are you a partner of Symantec who is currently selling Symantec Cloud? Or are you on the receiving end; the customer who is being provided Symantec’s Cloud Security? Have you begun considering your switch? With the recent news of the Broadcom acquisition of Symantec, it was announced that over 1 Billion + in funds will be removed from the budget that was set specifically for Symantec Cloud’s Research and Development, Marketing, and Support. For Symantec Email Security partners and customers this is unsettling news, as email cyber-attacks make up over 90% of all threats in today’s modern IT world.

Email is the #1 attack vector, and hackers are constantly creating and identifying new ways to successfully penetrate a business or user’s privacy. With the budget cuts Broadcom has put in place, innovation and research and development will cease hindering updated security levels that are necessary to combat the ever-changing security landscape. Experts believe, knowing that these budget cuts have been put in place, that the security needed for the future will not be met within the MessageLabs solution.

Choosing Hornetsecurity as your Symantec Email Security alternative

With email security being more important for society than ever, it is critical that you choose a provider who is heavily focused on the future of their email security solutions. A provider who fulfills the highest level of protection, but also a provider who aims to continually innovate in preparation for the future. A provider who offers the full package in the realm of email security solutions such as various forms of encryption, automatic archiving, advanced threat protection, continuity, and more. This is where Hornetsecurity fits in perfectly for your organization.

With Hornetsecurity, you are partnering with a vendor who focuses specifically on the security of business cloud communications. Hornetsecurity is a well-known trusted cloud email security provider in much of the world, and is an industry leader throughout Europe. Hornetsecurity operates across 11 offices, spread out over several countries, securing over 45,000+ businesses with our proprietary solutions. Hornetsecurity offers clear advantages over Symantec Cloud, providing ease of use, comfortability, and reduced management time for any administor working with our solutions.

Independent of all software and hardware, Hornetsecurity saves organizations time and money giving administrators control and transperency. With hundreds of new features and improvements being made within the last 12 months, you can be assured that Hornetsecurity’s offerings are of maximum security and reliability. With a 100% channel focus, our partners benefit from our MSP and Value Added Reseller partner programs, in which direct business is funneled to them in addition to receiving up to 30% margins. With longer system logs, instantenous set-up, and full white-label capabilites, Hornetsecurity allows partners to make the most of the award-winning solution suite. Whether it be on Office 365, Gsuite, Linux Based, etc. Hornetsecurity has the product portfolio to secure your business email communications at the highest level available on the market.

Award-Winning Managed Cloud Security Services by Hornetsecurity

Hornetsecurity has been focusing on cloud computing since 2007 and offers high level protection for customers’ IT infrastructures. 365 Total Protection from Hornetsecurity offers comprehensive protection for Microsoft cloud services – specially developed for Office 365 and is seamlessly integrated to provide comprehensive protection for Microsoft cloud services. Easy to set up and extremely intuitive to use, 365 Total Protection simplifies your IT Security management from the start. 365 Total Protection Business provides all-around protection for the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. 365 Total Protection Enterprise enhances the Business package with features such as email archiving and ATP sandboxing.

With Hornetsecuritys’ Spam and Malware Protection you can be assured of the highest detection rates on the market, with 99.999% guaranteed spam detection and 99.99% virus detection and protects mail servers against DDoS attacks and phishing emails.

With the comprehensive features of our award-winning Advanced Threat Protection, even the most sophisticated cyber attacks have no chance. In times of a wide range of attack vectors, Hornetsecuritys’ Advanced Threat Protection was developed to cope with a multitude of methods in order to ward off all kind of threats like Spear Phishing, Ransomware, Zero-Day Threats and more. With freezing, URL scanning, rewriting and sandboxing Advanced Threat Protection secures the email traffic from insidious cyber attacks.

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