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As the year comes to a close, the Security Swarm podcast takes a reflective journey, comparing the landscape of security then and now. In this special episode, Andy and Eric Siron explore the intriguing evolution of cybersecurity from the days of floppy disks and DOS to the complex, interconnected world of today.

Tune in to learn about the significant shifts in security incidents, drawing correlations and highlighting differences. From the era of viruses attempting to one-up each other with floppy disks to the present, where data theft and ransomware dominate the landscape.


(2:56) – What was security like in the early days of IT and how does it compare to now?

(12:18) – Why are threat-actors more persistent now than they used to be?

(23:33) – Security horror stories then vs. now

(44:40) – How has Andy and Eric’s Stances on Security Changed from then vs. now?

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