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Microsoft’s recent decision to throttle traffic from old and outdated versions of On-Premises Exchange has sent shockwaves through the tech community. In today’s episode, Andy and Paul Schnackenburg delve into the details of Microsoft’s plans to protect Exchange Online against persistently vulnerable on-premises Exchange Servers by throttling and blocking emails from these unsupported servers. 

Tune in to understand the reasoning behind Microsoft’s strategy with this change, how organizations can keep themselves protected through process, and where third-party vendors can plug in and provide value. 


4:00 – Microsoft’s plan details and communication 

10:50 – Paul and Andy’s thoughts on why Microsoft is making this change 

18:40 – Is it “Ethical” for Microsoft to block on-prem Exchange traffic? 

26:31 – What should affected organizations do? 

Episode Resources:

Microsoft’s Announcement

SMB1 Changes at Microsoft

Hornetsecurity’s 365 Total Protection

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