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You can’t be in the IT security space without thinking about certifications. Certifications are the backbone of our industry, serving as benchmarks for knowledge, skills, and expertise. But, let’s face it, navigating the maze of IT and security certifications available can be a daunting task making it difficult to figure out which route you need to take.  

In today’s episode, Andy and Umut Alemdar explore the critical role certifications play in our field and why these certifications hold more value than just being decorative pieces on your office wall. They’ll also go a little further into the top certifications that are particularly relevant for security professionals in today’s ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. 


(2:45) – Why is certification important in the Security Space 

(7:28) – What are the benefits of getting certified? 

(11:45) – Vendor-specific certifications 

(16:05) – Are Linux certifications relevant to security professionals? 

(22:21) – What are the most important vendor-agnostic security certifications? 

Episode Resources:

Comptia Security+


Cisco CCNA





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