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Ever wondered what it takes to break into the exciting world of cybersecurity? Join us in our latest podcast episode as we sit down with Grant Collins, an infrastructure security engineer and cybersecurity career coach. From choosing the right degree to navigating the hiring process, acquiring essential skills, and building a robust professional network, Grant and Andy share their personal experiences and insights.

Throughout the episode, they debate on academic vs practical learning by comparing the merits of pursuing a cybersecurity/IT degree versus gaining real-world experience and self-directed training. They discuss the pros and cons of each approach, offering valuable insights to help you chart your own path in the cybersecurity landscape.


(5:08) – Why Should You Consider a Career in Cybersecurity?

(11:30) – What Educational Pathways Can I Take to Learn Cybersecurity?

(26:15) – How can I Cultivate Practical Skills in Cybersecurity?

(34:13) – What are Some Tips and Tricks for Landing a Job in Cybersecurity?

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