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Microsoft has recently been criticized for not prioritizing security enough. Following the CSRB’s Report on the Storm-0558 attack, Microsoft announced that security is now a top priority, with a commitment to address security issues before new product innovations. In this podcast episode, Andy and Paul Schnackenburg discuss the blog post which analyzes the Secure Future Initiative and its advancements.  

The conversation brings up the burning question: Was it the Cyber Safety Review Board (CSRB) that catalyzed Microsoft’s proactive stance on security? 

Key takeaways: 

  • Microsoft is taking proactive steps to address security vulnerabilities and enhance its security measures following recent incidents. 
  • The focus on protecting identities, enforcing multi-factor authentication, and improving network segmentation are crucial for bolstering security. 
  • Efforts to align security actions with recommendations from the CSRB demonstrate a commitment to addressing criticisms directly. 


(06:52)  Key Insights from Charlie Bell’s Blog Post Addressing Cyber Security Concerns

(11:22)  Enhancing Security Measures in Response to the CSRB’s Report

(21:22) Top Security Practices for Protecting Tenants and Production Systems

(24:46)  Enhancing Cloud Security with Micro Segmentation and Software Supply Chain Protection

(30:44)  Challenges and Considerations in Cloud Security Logging and Storage

(34:37)  Enhancing Cloud Security with Microsoft Sentinel and Vulnerability Reporting

(37:37)  Unveiling Common Vulnerabilities and the Importance of Secure Authentication in Cloud Environments

(42:34) Analyzing Microsoft’s Response to a Security Incident

Episode Resources:

The Blog Post from Charlie Bell

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