Signature and Disclaimer Version


  • Signature and Disclaimer can now be used without an Active Directory.
  • The Signature and Disclaimer theme adapts to the Control Panel theme.
  • The group selection was adjusted for a better usability.
  • The search functionality in the group search was revised and now hides not matching groups when entering a term.
  • The created groups are now sorted alphabetically to make them easier to find.

Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer Version

In the new version the functions of the Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer have been extended.  


  • Now you can set the signature and the disclaimer for plain-text and HTML-mails for each group.
  • It is also possible to define subsignatures for various signatures. These subsignatures can be integrated in other signatures with their own control characters. The main advantage for you is that changes to signatures can be quickly applied to several groups.