Hornetsecurity as employer

Flexible – Dynamic – Forward-Looking

As a high-performance and modern service company, we offer a workplace to around 200 employees. With our Cloud Security Services, we protect the IT infrastructure and data of many thousands of companies worldwide. We are so good at this that the Hornetsecurity brand has long since established itself as an internationally renowned and valued premium provider in the field of IT and cloud security. Our portfolio includes solutions in the areas of e-mail, web and file security. The products are distributed via a worldwide partner network.

Benefits for our employees

Pleasant working atmosphere

Respectful interaction with one another is the basis of a pleasant working atmosphere. Hornetsecurity therefore strives to be able to offer its employees an everyday working environment in which everyone feels equally comfortable. This principle is also reflected in our mission statement. Bright, spacious and modern offices, free coffee and daily fresh fruit contribute to this. Short decision-making paths and flat hierarchies also support the life of an open working atmosphere and give scope for innovation and independent action.

Work and family

By offering flexible working hours, Hornetsecurity makes an important contribution to ensuring that its own employees can best combine their professional and family obligations. Our part-time models are also ideally suited to ensuring flexible parental leave arrangements if required.

Qualification and development

Through an individual range of qualification measures tailored to the respective needs, we enable our employees to further develop their professional and personal skills.

Performance-related payment

Good work must be rewarded. Hornetsecurity therefore attaches great importance to performance-related remuneration. In addition, regular target agreements are made, which are additionally remunerated if successful.

The management of Hornetsecurity

CEO Daniel Hofmann

Daniel Hofmann

CEO de Hornetsecurity, responsable de la contabilidad y el desarrollo estratégico corporativo.

Consultor ejecutivo de TI, varios años de experiencia en diversos puestos en el mercado de TI. Desde 2004, empresario independiente. Fundador, director general y socio de Hornetsecurity GmbH.

COO - Daniel Blank

Daniel Blank

COO en Hornetsecurity responsable de Ventas, Customer Experience, Service Desk, Recursos Humanos y Servicios Profesionales.

Empresario de TI, más de 15 años de experiencia en ventas de productos complejos de seguridad informática. Desde 2008 ha ocupado varios cargos directivos en el entorno de la seguridad en la nube, desde 2014 es Director Ejecutivo y accionista de Hornetsecurity GmbH.

CTO - Yvonne Bernard

Dra. Ing. Yvonne Bernard

CTO de Hornetsecurity, responsable de la gestión y desarrollo de producto, innovación e investigación, y del Security Lab e infraestructura en la nube.

Doctora en Informática con más de 20 publicaciones científicas, forma parte del Grupo Hornetsecurity desde 2014. Dirige el departamento de Product Management desde hace varios años. Directora de tecnología de Hornetsecurity desde 2021.

Katja Meyer -vChief Marketing Officer

Katja Meyer

CMO, responsable de Marketing Internacional en Hornetsecurity

Más de 20 años de experiencia en el sector tecnológico y más de 10 en el área de la ciberseguridad. Ha ocupado posiciones de liderazgo en departamentos de Marketing de compañías líderes a nivel mundial como Kaspersky y Sophos. Katja también es conocida por su experiencia en el canal y ventas. Chief Marketing Officer en Hornetsecurity Group desde 2022.

Anna Wiley

Anna Wiley

CFO, responsable de Finanzas en Hornetsecurity

10 años de experiencia en auditoría y consultoría, más de 7 años en diferentes puestos directivos en Controlling, Corporate Development y Project Management. Desde 2021 Chief Financial Officer en Hornetsecurity.

Olaf Petry

Olaf Petry

CISO, responsable de la seguridad y protección de datos en la sede central de Hornetsecurity y en todas las filiales del mundo

Miembro fundador de Hornetsecurity y parte del Grupo desde el principio. Estableció varios departamentos, incluyendo Desarrollo, Service Desk e Ingeniería de Sistemas. Director de Seguridad de la Información en Hornetsecurity desde 2016.

Events and leisure activities for employees of Hornetsecurity

Activities outside work are a good opportunity for colleagues to get to know each other better. Hornetsecurity regularly participates in various events to strengthen teamwork. These include sporting events such as the joint participation in the SportScheck run in Hanover or an annual table football tournament, but also a varied Christmas party.

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