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CYBER THREAT REPORT Edition 2021/2022

Learn everything about current email security threats in Hornetsecuritys brand new Cyber Threat Report.

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These are the dangers companies need to be aware of when opening emails

Spam, threats, and advanced threats: the hidden dangers of email traffic

Email is still the most popular way of communicating for companies. However, not all emails that land in employee inboxes, are wanted. Our Security Lab’s threat researchers analyzed email traffic and found that 40% of all emails received by Hornetsecurity were classified as unwanted by the internal filtering systems, and therefore contained potential threats to the company.

But what threats were in those unwanted emails? What are the risks posed by new types of malware and deceptive approaches of cybercriminals? Find out more about cyber threats in the 2021/2022 Cyber Threat Report!


Cyber Attacks 2021

Warning, attachment: These file types are used to hide malware and co.

In order not to be detected by different spam and virus filters, cybercriminals hide malware in their email attacks in various ways. With a share of 33.6%, archives have been the most popular attachment among cybercriminals to spread malware in 2021.

Find out why archives are so popular with cybercriminals, and what dangers malicious HTML, PDF, and Excel files pose in the 2021/2022 Cyber Threat Report.

Archives are the most popular attachment among cybercriminals to spread malware.

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