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Next-Gen Security Awareness Service - Strengthen your Human Firewall

3/5/20232:00pm EDT40 minutes

What's the weakest link in any organizations’ defense? Weak IT security, vulnerable & creaking IT or firewalls that are lacking? The answer is closer to home for us all. Phishing - and other security threats via communications channels - are a rapidly worsening problem for businesses across the world.
Hornetsecurity has analyzed 25 billion (yes, we did say billion) emails, identifying an annual net increase in global phishing attempts of 15% throughout the last year! Targeted phishing threats are particularly adept at evading security software, so strengthening the “human firewall” has become more important than ever.
In this webinar, Andy Syrewicze and Bernardo Reyes will take attendees through the essential practices that should be included in any organization’s security strategy.

Items covered include:
• Real life examples of creating a sustainable security culture.
• How to get buy-in on security awareness from all levels of the organization.
• How a forceful cyber security cadence will not meet your ongoing cultural goals.
• How AI-powered e-training can heighten cybersecurity awareness.
• And more!

After attending this webinar, you’ll have the knowledge needed to make a security awareness service an integral and effective tool in your organization’ security strategy. We hope to see you there!

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