Introducing 365 Permission Manager

365 Permission Manager Webinar - Elevate your Compliance for M365!

30/1/20242:00pm EST1 hour

Join our webinar to learn more about 365 Permission Manager!
Microsoft 365 has brought tremendous value to businesses with tools like SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. However, it can be challenging for an M365 administrator and CISO these extensive sharing capabilities, not to mention who has what access to which files.
It’s crucial to follow the principles of least access and ensure that company data is shared only with authorized people and doesn’t accidentally fall into the wrong hands. This is where 365 Permission Manager comes in!

In this webinar, Security Evangelist Andy Syrewicze will show you how 365 Permission Manager elevates your organization’s security and compliance by:

• Giving you a comprehensive overview of permissions and sharing in SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.
• Saving you time and effort by enabling you to perform bulk actions to manage permissions.
• Enabling you to set and enforce compliance policies for sharing sites, files, and folders.
• Empowering you to easily monitor the states of compliance while giving you the ability to audit policy violations.

We will also inform you about sales aspects such as licensing, USPs and prices.

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After this session, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge needed to help manage and right-size your organization’s OneDrive and SharePoint Online security posture!

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