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From Chaos to Compliance: HIPAA Edition - M365 Compliance tools for the Healthcare IT Admin

14/6/20232:00pm EDT1 hour

Constantly shifting HIPAA compliance regulations can be a real headache for technical teams, but with the right tools, the process can be less painful, and you can rest assured knowing that required controls are handled. Need some help with knowing what tools are worth your time?
In this webinar, Andy Syrewicze, our Security Evangelist, and Eric Siron, a Senior Systems Administrator in the healthcare space, will explore technologies that help IT pros address compliance needs in a HIPAA environment. This session will focus on native and 3rd party tools and utilities for Microsoft 365 and how when used properly, technical teams can be enabled to help drive compliance within their organization.

During this webinar, Andy and Eric will cover:
- The burden of HIPAA compliance regulations on IT teams
- Considerations and tools for compliance within M365
- How third-party solutions can help organizations stay compliant
- And More!

By attending this webinar, you will learn about important HIPAA compliance relevant features (and benefits!) for Microsoft 365, and how they can simplify the compliance process for your organization!

Join us to learn how to rid yourself of compliance headaches once and for all!