How to Modernize your Email Security with Next-Gen Advanced Threat Protection


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How to Modernize your Email Security with Next-Gen Advanced Threat Protection

28/3/202311:30am EDT40 minutes
According to's most recent QR code index report, there has been a dramatic surge of 152% in the utilization of QR codes in 2022. With this increase, it’s no surprise our Security Lab found that cybercriminals started using malicious QR codes to obtain confidential data.
Is your email security up to the task? Are you leveraging Advanced Threat Protection within your security stack? Not sure what ATP is or what its benefit is? We've got the perfect event for you!
In this webinar, Andy Syrewicze and Matt Frye from Hornetsecurity will discuss the benefits of ATP, what it is, and why it’s important. They will also explain the amazing new features we’re adding to our ATP engine, including the QR Code Analyzer, and enhancements to Secure Links.

What to Expect
- What is Advanced Threat Protection?
- Why do you need an ATP solution and what does it protect you from?
- How does Hornet handle ATP?
- Why Hornetsecurity?
- What's new with Hornetsecurity’s ATP?
- ATP Technical Demo

During this informative session, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the innovative features and functionalities that are designed to help your business stay ahead of the constantly evolving security threat landscape. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, it's more important than ever to stay ahead of the game
Join our webinar to find out more about these features and gain the knowledge and expertise you need to keep your business safe and secure!

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