Super Bowl Challenge

Defend Your Digital End Zone: Score Big with 365 Permission Manager

Step into the end zone of compliance excellence with our Microsoft 365 Permissions Manager football campaign! Calling all M365 admins, and MSPs to join the winning team –  Effortlessly manage Microsoft 365 permissions, enforce compliance policies, and monitor violations with our easy-to-use GRC service. Make admin tasks a breeze!

Elevate your game with 365 Permission Manager – where every policy is a game-changer!

How 365 Permission Manager builds a game-winning strategy for M365 Compliance

Huddle up, compliance enthusiasts: Get ready to tackle compliance head-on! Our Microsoft 365 Permissions Manager is bringing the ultimate playbook to the field with an exclusive webinar: How 365 Permission Manager builds a game-winning strategy for Microsoft 365 Compliance.’ Join us for a deep dive into compliance mastery.

But that’s not the end of the game – take on the Super Bowl 365 Permission Manager Game Challenge for a chance to win virtual prizes, free trails and real-world gifts! Don’t just watch from the sidelines; be part of the winning team. Lace-up your digital cleats and get ready for a compliance touchdown!” (Must be a part of a company to participate.)

If you’re a current partner and participate and make revenue from this campaign in the top 3 revenue billers will receive 6 months

Instructions on How to Play:

Must be a Managed Service Provider or in the Information Technology industry to participate and eligibility will be verified.

  1. Make Your Predictions: Predict the winners of the games and guess the final score for the Super Bowl.
  2. To advance to the next round, you must have a selection of the winning team from each game.
  3. Claim Rewards: All participants will be rewarded with Hornetsecurity Next Gen Digital Content Solutions. The top 3 winners of the Super Bowl that predicted the closest score, the winning team, and are onboarded onto a  365 Permission Manager trial have a chance to win up to $500 digital gift cards.

Share the Fun: Invite colleagues to join and enjoy the camaraderie of predicting the Super Bowl together! Participate in our social media discussions.