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Email data exchange has developed into a business-relevant communication platform whose smooth functioning is indispensable to companies. Power outages, hard disk crashes or other damage—there are many factors that can cause email traffic to fail. It is important to have alternative solutions that can be used in an emergency, so no emails are lost and messages can continue to be sent and received.

Why do companies need an email continuity service?

Protection against failure of email servers

In the corporate environment, email is regarded as a relevant and official means of communication. Contracts, important information and contact details are exchanged by email. The failure of servers over several minutes, hours or even days can mean high losses for a company.

If the automated monitoring detects that the customer’s mail server has failed, the Email Continuity Service is activated immediately. Emails are delivered without interruption by an alternative means (POP3/IMAP mailbox or webmail access). Access to secured emails is thus maintained even during a direct Outlook failure.


Guaranteed server availability of 99.9 percent

The failure of a mail server often leads to numerous operational interruptions. Missed deadlines, late customer orders or unanswered support requests not only lead to financial losses, but can also damage a company’s image.

Hornetsecurity guarantees 99.9 percent availability for customers of its Email Continuity Service. When the probability of a customer server failure is correlated with the guaranteed availability of Hornetsecurity, an interruption of mail traffic is virtually impossible.


minutes is the monthly downtime of web hosting providers

Email Continuity Service features at a glance – Keep your email traffic going

Display of emails that have already been delivered

To prevent duplicate email delivery and maintain clarity, the control panel allows users and administrators to see which emails have already been delivered after customer mail server recovery.

Continuous access to emails with Webmailer

In the event of a failure of the company’s own email system, Hornetsecurity makes the undeliverable emails available via a webmail frontend, which allows continued processing and sending of emails.

Automatic email data synchronization

After restoring the customer mail server, the Email Continuity Service automatically compares the existing mail data with that of the mail server and adds the missing emails as necessary.

POP3 mailbox

All emails are available via an alternative mailbox even if the internal email infrastructure fails. Access to the POP3 mailbox is via email client.

Extensive search function

Simple, precise and fast searches enable you to find specific emails and data quickly, as a full text search and according to specific criteria (date, sender, recipient, subject, attachments, etc.).


Selectable service provisioning

The Email Continuity Service is also available for individual email addresses.

Access to saved emails via Outlook plugin

Email Continuity - Outlook PlugIn
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Access to secured emails even during the failure of your own mail server, directly from Outlook.

Storage of mail traffic

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If emails are accidentally deleted or lost due to a failure of the company‘s mail server, they can be restored within a few seconds. When the customer‘s servers are functional again, the missing emails can be delivered from the Email Continuity Service mailbox and the previous state is restored without loss.

Integration of the Email Continuity Service into the email management system

Integration of the Email Continuity Service into the email management system

If the email system fails, the Email Continuity Service is immediately activated within seconds. Secured emails can be accessed at any time using the Outlook plug-in. Access to the POP3 mailbox is via email client. All of the email traffic is accessed via a webmail interface and messages can be processed, sent and received at all times.

In order to guarantee the functionality and efficiency of the Email Continuity Service, integration of spam and malware protection is required.


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