365 Total Encryption

Encrypt the content of all email stored in the Microsoft 365 Cloud. 365 Total Encryption protects against data theft, unauthorized access and spying.

The number of hacker attacks on email accounts of Microsoft 365 users has almost quadrupled within a year, and business customers of cloud services are the primary target. In a successful cyber attack, all the contents of and attachments to your emails are freely visible to the hacker. 365 Total Encryption encrypts the entire content of your enterprise email communications in Microsoft 365, providing comprehensive protection against espionage by hackers, intelligence agencies and competitors.

Why encryption of information in your email inbox is so essential

Protection against business email compromise

According to the FBI’s latest Internet Crime Report, business email compromise is responsible for much of the world’s financial losses through cybercrime. Using a fake email address, the hacker poses as the CEO, supervisor or high-ranking customer of the target company and sends a text-only email message to a selected employee. The address often differs only in very small and inconspicuous details that are difficult to recognize. If a company is affected by a successful business email compromise, it is very likely that this type of attack will be repeated. Any internal information that is unknowingly passed on by an employee via email is used to make further fake emails appear even more authentic. In 2018, this type of fraud led to total losses of about $1.2 billion.


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Microsoft 365 users as the target of cybercriminals

IT security experts are seeing more and more spam waves containing emails targeting Microsoft 365 users. Recently Microsoft reported an increase in attacks on Microsoft 365 accounts of 250 percent. With an authentic-looking phishing mail, for example, login data for an Office account can be obtained unnoticed.


Protects against user account hacking and cloud security breaches

All incoming information and the information already stored in the email inbox is encrypted by 365 Total Encryption. These can only be decrypted by an authorized and authenticated user. Even with successful account hijacking, the data is protected.

365 Total Encryption meets the highest security standards for email communications in the Microsoft 365 environment

Compliance requirements and the General Data Protection Regulation give the protection of personal data the highest priority. The encryption of all data stored in the email inbox is the most-secure solution to prevent attacks and protect important internal company information from access by third parties. Encryption is effective even in the event of successful account hijacking.

Encryption of all incoming emails

All information and files for incoming email messages are fully encrypted before they reach the Microsoft cloud.


Subsequent encryption of existing emails in the mailbox

Even emails already stored in an Office 365 mailbox are encrypted after 365 Total Encryption is activated. Access is possible only for the mailbox owner.

Private key for decryption

Decryption of emails by means of a private key stored only for authorized users.

Proven usability along with security

Protection against spying is provided through encryption of sensitive company information and important data and files—without restricting usability for the user.

Hornetsecurity Secure Key Store

All user keys in the Hornetsecurity Secure Key Store can be encrypted using a public key whose private key is known only to the customer administrator.

Native Integration

365 Total Encryption works without software installation on all standard clients and end devices and on the native email clients of iOS and Android.

Easy activation of 365 Total Encryption

Easy activation of 365 Total Encryption

Encryption with 365 Total Encryption can be activated by user, by group
or for the entire company.

Activation of the encryption for a certain mailbox takes place via two-factor authentication on the Hornetsecurity control panel. Only authorized and authenticated users can download private keys for decryption.

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