Hornetsecurity MSP Program

As a Managed Service Provider, you are the outsourcing professional and provide your customers with standardised and automated services. Hornetsecurity supports you with innovative, full-managed and highly effective email security and compliance services, an attractive pricing and billing model, and versatile sales and marketing support.

MSP Bronze

As an MSP Bronze Partner, you start into the world of managed service providers without any revenue obligation and, in cooperation with Hornetsecurity, offer your customers significant added value with the provision of centrally managed email security and compliance services. You benefit from fixed purchase prices and free pricing to your customers.

MSP Silver

As an MSP Silver Partner nothing stands in the way of your success with Hornetsecurity. You benefit from improved purchase prices as well as reduced costs for personal use and in return you accept a sales obligation towards Hornetsecurity.

MSP Gold

As an MSP Gold Partner you work with Hornetsecurity with commitment, your employees are trained and certified by us and your annual sales growth is above average. Your participation in the annual partner conference always keeps you up-to-date and close to the action and enables you to exchange ideas with other successful Hornetsecurity partners. You not only benefit from an extraordinary kickback scheme, but also from advertising subsidies and the transfer of pre-qualified customer leads.

MSP Platinum

MSP Platinum Partners have reached the highest partner level and enjoy the greatest financial and technical advantages at the sales and marketing level. This partner level is only achieved by a few partners, serves to recognise your long-term, intensive and successful cooperation with Hornetsecurity, your achievements and is intended to motivate you to further successes. As an MSP Platinum Partner, you benefit from unique advantages. Your knowledge and experience will be included in technical discussions, beta tests and market strategies and you will take part in the round table with our management.

Benefits and Obligations

Second Level Support by accredited support team 1 x x x x
access to Hornetsecurity Gold support hotline     x x
pricing purchase prices discounted purchase prices discounted purchase prices + Cashback discounted purchase prices + Cashback
free trial period 14 days 14 days 30 days 30 days
free access to partner portal, marketing and sales tools x x x x
free sales and technical basic trainings online x x x x
customisable system mailings 2 X X X X
access via API   X X X
Whitelabeling 3 X* X*    
discount for IUR 4   X X X
forwarding of pre-qualified leads with more than 50 seats     X X
access to marketing development fund     X X
company listed on Hornetsecurity website     X X
participation on round table talks with directors       X
participation in beta tests       X

1 As Hornetsecurity Partner supported by a Hornetsecurity Authorised Distributor you will have access to a well trained and certified support team of the Distributor. Hornetsecurity Partners which are supported directly by Hornetsecurity you will have access to the Hornetsecurity regular support 9×5.

2 You can customise system mailings e.g. quarantine reports or password resets with your support and company information, company logo and color sets.

3 Whitelabeling provides an own instance of our Control Panel (management console) with your company logo and color sets, and also a URL of your choice including an SSL certificate. This option needs an additional closed agreement and generates additional costs and effort. To get to a higher partner level you need to dissolve the whitelabeling. Hornetsecurity Partners that are using the whitelabeling option won’t have access to the Hornetsecurity Marketing Development Fund.

4 Discounts for services used by the partner can be granted by the responsible Hornetsecurity Partner Manager (only for monthly charges email services).

first level support line for customer X X X X
signed Hornetsecurity MSP partner agreement X X X X
chose a distributor partner  X X X X
minimum monthly recuring revenue 1, 2 no revenue obligations grant monthly recurring revenue be a MSP Silver or MSP Gold Partner
30% growth per year
be a MSP Gold Partner for more than 3 years or be a MSP Platinum Partner
20% growth rate per year
sales certification 3 recommended 1x Product Specialist 1x Sales Professional 2x Sales Professional
technical certification 3 recommended 1x Technical Basics 1x Certified Engineer oder Solution Architect 2x Certified Engineer oder Solution Architect
yearly joint marketing plan X X
participation on annual partner conference 1X 1X

1 Reach a minimum monthly recuring revenue of 550 USD for 10 out of 12 consecutive months or close a Hornetsecurity MSP partner agreement to start as Hornetsecurity MSP Silver including a minimum commitment of 550 USD with a ramp-up period of three (3) months

2 The revenue obligations of the Hornetsecurity MSP partners will be checked at the turn of the year. To achieve or maintain the Hornetsecurity MSP Gold Level, the partner needs to reach an annual sales growth (with email services billed monthly) of at least 30%. The growth must be at least 30% for 10 of the last 12 months. To achieve or maintain the Hornetsecurity MSP Platinum Level, the partner needs to reach an annual growth in sales (with email services billed monthly) of at least 20%. The growth must be at least 20% for 10 of the last 12 months.

3 Hornetsecurity certifications are valid for 12 months and need to be renewed after this period

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