Hornetsecurity Managed Service Provider (MSP)

You operate your own IT systems and provide Internet services for your customers – for example Internet connections, web or mail servers. Therefore, the communication of your customers via email is also provided through your systems. Hornetsecurity supports you with its highly effective security solutions and attractive margins.

Partnerships and customers

Hornetsecurity MSP are typical Internet and hosting provider. They are operating own data centers or maintain own server capacities and they are familiar with marketing their managed services ranging from email accounts up to software applications. We offer you a cooperation in the context of our MSP model. With the monthly purchase of 500 or more packages of premium spam filter service mailboxes at a favorable price you are actively protecting and relieving your infrastructure. Also, you will be able to sell additional security services, which offer you attractive margins, differentiate you from the competition and allow your customers ideal security. If wanted, the Hornetsecurity services can be whitelabeled, which means you offer our services with your own name and using your own design.

Service Provider Partner

Service Provider

In cooperation with Hornetsecurity, service providers offer additional benefits to their customers when providing email and web services. Service providers benefit from fixed prime costs and an independent pricing opportunity. They purchase monthly packages of at least 500 premium spam filter service mailboxes und in return they have direct contact to the regional sales manager next to the personal contact person of the Hornetsecurity sales team.

Excellence Provider Partner

Excellence Provider

Excellence providers enjoy additional advantages in contrast to other service providers. This level of partnership is just awarded to selected MSP as an acknowledgement of their outstanding performances and their special engagement. As an excellence provider you are striving for continuous growth with our services and you straightforwardly stand to the partnership with Hornetsecurity. Additionally, you benefit from selected advantages. Your knowledge and your experience are factored into technical discussions, beta tests and marketing strategies. Another component of the partnership is a frequent exchange of experience with our business management in roundtable events.


Advantages Service Provider Excellence Provider
Second Level Support for qualified employees
Access to partner portal, marketing and sales tools
Pricing Price per mailbox discounted cost price in
comparison to Service Provider
Free sales trainings (online)
Free technical trainings (online)
Free product tests for 30 days
Discounted product licenses for partners
Project assignment and protection (250 mailboxes and more)
Personal contact to inside sales
Personal contact to regional sales manager
Connection via API
Adaptation of the user surface to your corporate design
Forwarding of pre-qualified leads
Participation in round table talks together with the director’s board
Company listed on Hornetsecurity website
Participation in beta tests


Obligations Service Provider Excellence Provider
Partner contract Reviewed annually
Annual minimum purchase monthly minimum revenue Individual agreement
First level support through partner
Annual sales training 1 employee 2 employees
Annual technical training 1 employee 2 employees
Participation at partner event
Annual partner business plan

Hornetsecurity reserves its right to change the advantages and obligations connected to the different partner levels in its own discretion, at any time and without advance notice.

Register now as a MSP!

You are a service provider or want to become one? You would like to add the managed services of Hornetsecurity to your own services? You already reach a minimum purchase of 500 mailboxes per month or will do so in the near future? Perfect! Visit our registration page and become a part of the Hornetsecurity distribution network. For more information concerning the Hornetsecurity MSP program and for additional questions send us an email to partner@hornetsecurity.com.