Patch update without email loss

Microsoft Exchange Server Hack: Patch this vulnerability now!

Patching without downtime – Fail-safe email communication with the Hornetsecurity Continuity Service.

Microsoft Exchange Server Hack – What to do?

More than 100,000 Microsoft Exchange servers worldwide have been compromised due to a security vulnerability and are also highly likely to be infected with malware. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) calls on operators of the affected Exchange systems to immediately apply the patches provided by Microsoft

Patching the security gap should be done as quickly as possible, but during that, it might come to Exchange Server downtime – but the email is still the most relevant communication channel for companies of all sizes. An outage can lead to severe business interruptions, resulting in financial and reputational damage. However, help is at hand: Avoid downtime and ensure business continuity Hornetsecurity’s Continuity Service!

Submit a request for Continuity Service now – within 4 hours the service can be activated for your company.

Patching Exchange security vulnerability: How to play it safe!

Keep on the safe side with Hornetsecurity’s Continuity Service: If the recovery of the e-mail system takes longer than expected, the autonomous monitoring of the Continuity Service immediately detects the failure and activates automatically.

Need to apply security patches?

Applying the patches can lead to email traffic downtime due to the requirement to restart your server – the Continuity Service switches on automatically if the downtime should extend unexpectedly. This protects the email communication from outages.

Want to protect against unforeseen outages?

Web hosting providers typically face 19 minutes of monthly downtime. Even in this case, Continuity Service protects email traffic reliably and securely. Your emails are secured – with a server availability of 99.9 percent guaranteed by Hornetsecurity.

Hornetsecurity’s Continuity Service protects against email system failures

Email data exchange is a business-relevant communication platform and its smooth functioning is indispensable for companies. If our solution’s ongoing monitoring detects that your mail server has failed, the Continuity Service activates immediately and automatically. Emails are delivered without interruption via an alternative route (POP3/IMAP mailbox or webmail access). This way, you maintain access to secured emails directly from Outlook even during the outage.

Hornetsecurity guarantees 99.9 percent availability of its continuity service. If you correlate the probability of a customer server failure with the guaranteed availability of Hornetsecurity, an interruption of the mail traffic becomes almost impossible almost impossible.

Features of the Continuity Service at a glance:

Automatic activation

If the mail server fails, the automatic activation of Continuity Service takes place immediately. The delivery of emails is carried out without interruption by alternative means (POP3/IMAP mailbox or webmail access).

Continuous access to emails with Webmailer

In the event of a failure of the company’s own email system, Hornetsecurity makes the undeliverable emails available via a webmail frontend, which allows continued processing and sending of emails.

Automatic email data synchronization

After restoring the customer mail server, the Email Continuity Service automatically compares the existing mail data with that of the mail server and adds the missing emails as necessary.

POP3 mailbox

All emails are available via an alternative mailbox even if the internal email infrastructure fails. Access to the POP3 mailbox is via email client.

Access to saved emails via Outlook plugin

Access to secured emails even during the failure of your own mail server, directly from Outlook.

Backup of mail traffic

If emails are accidentally deleted or lost due to a failure of the company’s mail server, a backup of the mail traffic over 90 days is automatically available within a few seconds. When the customer’s servers are functional again, the missing emails can be delivered from the Email Continuity Service mailbox and the previous status is restored without loss.

Selectable service provisioning

The Email Continuity Service is also available for individual email addresses.

Extensive search function

Simple, precise and fast searches enable you to find specific emails and data quickly, as a full text search and according to specific criteria (date, sender, recipient, subject, attachments, etc.).

minutes is the monthly downtime of web hosting providers

% server availability is guaranteed by Hornetsecurity

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