Email Encryption for Enterprise

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Hornetsecurity’s email encryption offers a very simple way to secure email traffic in your company through automatic encryption. TLS, PGP & S/MIME provide comprehensive protection.

Why you should encrypt your emails with Hornetsecurity?

Fully automated encryption

Sending an email is always encrypted by TLS. When sending an email, the encryption technology of the recipient (PGP, S/MIME) is automatically recognized. Persons without encryption can receive sensitive documents via a web safe

Works on any operating system

The encryption is independent of the end device, since all Hornetsecurity services are cloud-based. It doesn’t matter whether you are sending your email via Outlook, smartphone or the browser on the tablet. Encryption is guaranteed every time.

Ideal for companies

Hornetsecurity Services are optimized for use in companies. The encryption and administration of the certificates is fully automated. Hornetsecurity also guarantees 99.99% availability and stepless scalability of the service.

Why you should encrypt your emails with Hornetsecurity?


Many companies send their emails themselves unencrypted. The communication takes place with insufficient protection. Possible reasons for this are a lack of knowledge and complex solutions.


Emails can be intercepted and manipulated by cyber criminals. Important documents and information can fall into the wrong hands. Data espionage without encryption is very easy for criminals.



Cloud-based encryption is the ideal way to protect corporate email traffic. Both the transport route (TLS) and the email itself (PGP, S/MIME) are fully encrypted and protected against data espionage.


Even sensitive information and documents can be sent by email. You no longer have to worry about the security of your email traffic. Everything is fully automated and encrypted.

This is how email encryption works

Chart for the hornetsecurity encprytion service
  • Hornetsecurity’s email encryption service takes over the complete certificate management for customers.

  • Encryption, decryption and signatures are fully automatic and transparent without user intervention.

  • Your email communication is permanently protected, without any action on the part of your employees.

Do you have questions about email encryption by Hornetsecurity?

We have an answer to all your questions!
What are the advantages of Hornetsecurity compared to other providers?
Hornetsecurity offers many advantages compared to other providers. The biggest advantage is the extensive range of email cloud security services that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing email system. In addition, the headquarters and data centers in which the emails are processed are located in Germany. Email encryption by Hornetsecurity is characterized by its ease of use and the websafe. Hornetsecurity also manages the certificates so that your company is permanently protected.
What is the difference between TLS, PGP and S/MIME?
With PGP and S/MIME, each mailbox has its own key. The email client (e.g. Outlook) or the mail server encrypts the email to be sent. This means that no one can read the email without a matching counter-key. However, the information from the mail header (e.g. the subject) remains unencrypted. With TLS encryption, it is not the individual email that is encrypted, but the transport. With PGP and S/MIME, all communication between the servers is encrypted. Neither the subject, nor sender or recipient can be determined in this way.
What do I have to do to encrypt an email?
Emails are automatically encrypted. The user does not have to make any settings. This guarantees maximum ease of encryption processing.
Can the encryption be deactivated?
Yes, the user can deactivate or activate the encryption, depending on the settings. In addition, the user can decide what should happen if the recipient does not use encryption.
What is a web safe?
Many companies do not yet use encryption technology to ensure secure email communication. However, it is often necessary to send emails with sensitive information. Hornetsecurity uses the web safe to enable encrypted communication with an unprotected recipient. The recipient receives a link to the desired email, which is located in a separate mailbox. The recipient can access the contents with the help of his individual access data.

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