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The managed web filter service reliably blocks unsafe websites. It is also incredibly easy for companies to enforce their Internet policies.


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Protection against undesirable data

Users and programs are constantly accessing the Internet. This can result in malware finding its way unnoticed onto company hardware, which can cause considerable damage. A web filter service like the one offered by Hornetsecurity can remedy this and offer protection against such undesirable files.


It is immensely important for a web filter to be as quick and easy to use as possible so that users can concentrate on their actual duties without needing to spend their time setting up and configuring the service.

Easy management

Time is a valuable commodity for companies and their employees. It is extremely important for administrators in particular to be able to focus on their core tasks and projects, and to be able to use and manage services and programs as easily as possible. Hornetsecurity sets great store by this, which is why very little or no effort is needed to set up and manage the web filter service.

Compliance, transparency and control

Every day, the Internet is accessed not only by users, but also automatically by a large number of programs. The Hornetsecurity web filter service provides companies with the means to control and monitor Internet access, allowing corporate policies to be enforced.

Web filter product illustration

One of the main purposes of the web filter is to protect internal IT infrastructure against threats from the Internet. Controlling Internet use is also important. The proxy web filter can be adjusted so that these two elements are set to the perfect level.

Web Filter Hornetsecurity


Automatic post-categorization of websites:

Sites that are not already categorized in the web filter are automatically reviewed, classified and added. The same applies to websites that are reported by users as being incorrectly categorized – these are reviewed and re-sorted, as applicable.


Central management of global infrastructure:

The web filter service can be managed from a central point, even for companies with multiple locations in more than one country.



The number of users can be adjusted to current requirements without difficulty.


24/7 monitoring:

The web filter service is monitored by Hornetsecurity experts around the clock to keep downtime to a minimum (reliability: 99.9%, contractually guaranteed). This allows our customers’ administrators to concentrate fully on their real work.


24/7 support:

Hornetsecurity has multilingual support staff available around the clock to assist customers in the event of a query or problem.


Automatic updates (filter, control panel, infrastructure):

The web filter service is always available in the latest version, with the most up-to-date virus and spam databases. Administrators and users consequently have no need to worry about updates.

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