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Thank you for being among the very first to try out our newest iteration of VM Backup – our award-winning backup software! The latest beta version of VM Backup is now available for download.

You can also enter for a chance to win $50 Amazon vouchers by completing and submitting all testing criteria – more information on this below! Please note that submissions will only be considered until the end of beta testing period.


VM Backup v9 includes a slew of new features and improvements that mainly focus around protecting against the ever-growing malicious threats of ransomware and bad actors attempting to compromise your backup data.

This new version has also been designed with the consistent growth of customers’ infrastructures and data storage needs in mind – allowing for seamless scalability and ease of operation when dealing with larger systems.

Main features included in this beta are:

  • Ransomware protection via immutable storage on the following offsite locations:
    • Wasabi Cloud Storage
    • Amazon S3
    • (Azure Storage will be included at a later stage)
  • An overhauled backup repository that optimizes disk space usage
  • Robust backup storage that enhances support for larger data repositories
  • Scalability improvements allowing for support of a greater number of hosts and Virtual Machines
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  • The VMB v9 Beta must be installed and used in a test environment with no previous versions of VM Backup installed. No support will be provided for production environments running a beta version.
  • Important: Once the new functionality is no longer in beta, you must delete all the backup data generated during the beta period and start new backups from scratch.
  • Please note that backup data on cloud storage locations that are enabled with immutable backups cannot be deleted for the duration of the defined Immutable Policy (days to protect).
  • System requirements for this version of VM Backup can be found here <kb-link>
  • The VM Backup v9 beta will end on <02/17/2023>



Testing Criteria

The following tests must be performed on 5 Virtual Machines which contain each at least 10GBs of data:

  1. Configure an onsite backup location and a regular offsite backup location (non-immutable)
  2. Create an offsite location enabled for immutable backups, with an Immutable Policy (days to protect) of 3 days (here’s how – KB-link)
  3. Assign the VMs to the 3 locations created – An offsite retention policy of 3 days will automatically be created for the VMs once they are assigned to the immutable location.
  4. Create a schedule for Onsite + Offsite backup once a day
  5. Enable CDP on all Virtual Machines
  6. Restore VMs from all 3 locations. (Onsite, Offsite, Offsite Immutable)
    1. Optional – Attempt to tamper with the data stored in the immutable cloud storage location before restoring.

Deliverables (to be eligible for voucher)

Allow 5 days of backup and please provide us with the following:

  1. Screenshots of the following:
    • Backup Locations page showing VMs assigned to the 3 offsite locations
    • Operations History Page
  2. Generate an error report from the ‘Get Help’ section of VM Backup
  3. Submit the error report and screenshots to beta@hornetsecurity.com
  • Include your feedback and details of any issues encountered during your testing

The deadline for fulfilling beta requirements is 02/17/2023