Spam filter – safeguards for legitimate mail traffic

Spam filters are designed to filter out unwanted messages, but the possibility of legitimate mail traffic being blocked is often a bigger problem. To ensure that the flow of emails does not come to a standstill, companies must prepare for scenarios such as attacks against their mail infrastructure.

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The Hornetsecurity spam filter service protects your email traffic automatically and filters out unwanted messages.


Protection against DoS attacks and spam waves

DoS attacks are intercepted by the Hornetsecurity spam filter long before they reach our customers’ IT systems. Massive parallel infrastructure distributed across multiple data centres and intelligent safeguard mechanisms ensure that even huge waves of spam do not stop the flow of legitimate mail traffic.

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Reduced mail server loads

A large proportion of mail traffic is unwanted and places unnecessary strain on mail servers. The Hornetsecurity spam filter only allows valid messages through, which significantly improves the performance of our customers’ mail servers. The integrated virus filter also removes the need for additional protection systems.

Automatic encryption

Automatic encryption

All communication between the Hornetsecurity mail processing systems and customers’ mail servers is encrypted using TLS, provided that this is supported at both ends. This prevents third parties from spying on email data while the email is being transmitted over the Internet. With the optional encryption service, policies can be used to enforce TLS encryption for connections and S/MIME or PGP encryption for emails themselves.

Rolling backup

Rolling backup or email archiving (optional)

Two optional services provide additional protection for email traffic. With the continuity service, a rolling backup ensures that even in the event of a failure on a company’s internal mail server, employees can continue sending and receiving emails until the issue is resolved. With the archive service, all incoming and outgoing emails are stored in an audit-compliant manner for 10 years, or longer if needed.

High availability

High availability

Hornetsecurity guarantees mail traffic availability of 99.99% (availability class 4) and control panel availability of 99.9% (availability class 3).

Falsch positives

False positives < 0,00015

The proportion of ordinary emails erroneously classified as spam is lower than 0,00015. In numerical terms, this means that if one million emails are inspected, no more than four will be incorrectly categorised as spam and quarantined.



Due to the high number of pre-blocked emails, the volume of spam left in quarantine is small and manageable – and in the event that one of these emails is a false positive, it will not take long to find in the clearly arranged spam report.

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