Spam filter - protection from malicious emails

The inbox is one of the typical gateways for malicious software.
In order to ensure that your email communications do not turn into a vulnerability, it is vital to put together a package of measures and features in time to prevent and fend off attacks.

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The spam filter service protects your email from spam, viruses and malware – quickly, professionally and reliably.

Mass Mail Blocker - Spamfilter

Mass mail blocker

The spam filter by Hornetsecurity works outside the customer’s infrastructure and, therefore, effectively protects their mail servers against DDoS attacks.

Blocking ~95%

The vast majority of all spam is blocked by the spam filters of Hornetsecurity upon arrival. As a result, the quarantine remains clear and easy to manage.


Multi-level spam detection, dynamic filter stages

Multi-level spam detection, dynamic filter stages

In addition to blocking spam, email must go through multiple filter stages before it is either recognized as valid email and delivered to the mail server of the customer or ends up in quarantine, where it can be viewed by the user in a spam report or in the control panel.

Link tracking

Link tracking

Incoming and outgoing emails are being scanned automatically for malicious URL’s. This way, Hornetsecurity can prevent a user from clicking on a link leading to an infected website or malware, but also to inhibit users from accidentally distributing dangerous links.

phishing filter

Phishing filter

The spam filter uses link tracking and other tools to protect users effectively from phishing emails.

Automatic virus signature update

Automatic virus signature update

The virus filters are updated continuously and are always up to date. The company uses i.a. ClamAV and its own scanner, specialized in viruses spread by email.

 Guaranteed spam detection

Detection rates - the highest rates in the market

The contractually guaranteed spam detection rate of Hornetsecurity is 99.9%; in the case of virus detection, this climbs to 99.99%. Much higher values can be achieved in practice.

Outbound filtering

Outbound filtering

Outgoing emails are also scanned for spam and viruses in order to avoid customers sending malware and spam unintentionally.

Bounce Management Email

Bounce management

While genuine bounces are desirable, bounces that reach the user due to fake sender addresses are a problem. Hornetsecurity bounce management ensures that only genuine bounces in incoming email traffic are sent to the recipient, and bounces in response to spam with fake sender addresses are reliably filtered out.

Dynamic virus outbreak detection

Dynamic virus outbreak detection

New and previously unknown viruses are stopped by the early warning system. In order to do this, Hornetsecurity analyzes incoming mails on an ongoing basis using so-called honeypot accounts (email addresses that have only one purpose: to receive spam), unusual attachments, links, senders or content. Signatures are derived from this analysis within an extremely short time (typically < 5 minutes).

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