Secure storage with email archiving service

Business emails often include sensitive content you cannot afford to lose – make sure you have the right email archiving service!

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Storage of original emails, unaltered and unalterable

Hornetsecurity saves all incoming and outgoing emails “as is”, in their original form, before they reach the mail servers of the customers. This puts them outside of customer control. Until the end of the storage period, the emails cannot be edited or deleted.

archiving of internal emails

Optional archiving of internal emails

In additional to incoming and outgoing emails, it is also possible to archive emails sent and received internally. These are provided to Aeternum via the journaling function on the mail server, which means that they are also stored “as is” in an unalterable form.

Retrieval and restoration of archived emails

Retrieval and restoration of archived emails

If a user’s emails are accidentally deleted from the mail server, they can be restored from the archive – easily and at any time, with the push of a button.

25 GB of storage included per user

25 GB of storage included per user

An archive size of 25 GB is available for each user; this is valid for the entire archive period. The actual archive volume used by a customer will be averaged across all of their users.

Automatic archiving

Automatic archiving of all incoming and outgoing emails

Hornetsecurity stores all legitimate incoming and outgoing emails automatically at Hornetsecurity data centers located in Germany, without any further manual action. All quarantined messages can also be archived on request.


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